3 Amazon privacy settings that you need to change now

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A former LAPD detective was recorded on the video, which said racist with a black man, resulting in a review of hundreds of his past cases of the district lawyer’s district lawyer.

The recently identified as John Motto, which was identified as John’s motto, was on video that reported the man as “Dumb N —–” during the heated oral exchange after a car accident in Valencia, California, CBSLA.

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The Police Department of Los Angeles responded on Tuesday on the incident on her official Twitter page, said Tuesday that “what is seen on the video is not reflected on thousands of hard-working and dedicated men and women of Los Angeles Police Authority.

The department added that an internal examination is in progress.

According to CBSLAS report, L. A. County District Attorney George Gascón named the video “Terrible” on Wednesday. “It really shows that you know of this individual incredibly racist settings,” Gascón said the news station reported.

The district lawyer of the Los Angeles district lawyer is on the valuation of 370 former cases of the former staff, said official.

“As part of the law, we are needed as soon as we are aware that someone has racist tendencies, as in the case of the individual, all defense lawyers must inform in all cases that this person may have been a witness or participated in the investigation” Gascón explained according to CBSLA.

The LAPD was in the last month after the image of George Floyd said the picture of Valentine’s Day by George Floyd, “she takes my breath away, was reported to circulate throughout the department in revolutions.

As with all major tech, you can not skip the important steps to ensure your privacy

As with all the big tech, you can not skip the critical steps to ensure your privacy.

Continue reading to attack three of the biggest.

I wondered how much money I have spent for Amazon.com, and maybe you also want to see your statistics. There is an insider trick to get a detailed report from Amazon.

Tap here or click here to see all individual things you bought, and when at Amazon.com.

Amazon is much more than shopping. The ECHO smart speaker is a helpful tool around the house. If you are plugging, please ask for weather updates, check these 20 intelligent new commands to try [List].

However, you can not forget that the ECHO speaker or the display goes in both directions. It also lets someone stop or look at what comes in the room after 10 seconds. It is best to control these options, unless you do not mind that someone hears or look at what they go.

Not so fast. What about your privacy? Amazon says that the SideWalk network uses three encryption layers and their neighbors can not see their data.

You could say that, but the internet of things is notorious for unsafe devices and not updates. There is no standard. I switched off it.

Yes, you have an amazonic public profile

This tip always catches people from Guard. As Amazon customer, you have a profile that is visible to other Amazon users.

It contains comments and evaluations that you have left on the website, on the website, your biographical information and other site interactions. Luckily, your public profile does not include your purchases or browsing history, but it is still very due to it.

How to control how they have shown on your profile:

Here will edit the public profile and edit privacy settings.

Click through the different options for verification. You can customize the via me section, shopping lists, wish lists, all pets that you have added, etc., etc. also check your community activity area.

Check your echo drop settings

One of the best features of the echo is sinking. It connects you to an ECHO speaker or display for an immediate conversation. “Alexa, fall on the garage echo point.” If you have multiple echo devices in your home, you can use this command to make an announcement. “Alexa, fall on all devices.”

If you want to disable the drop-instraemement, open the Alexa app on your phone and follow the steps above for each of your ECHO devices. If you enter the page for each ECHO device, select Off. That’s it, now the drop-in each of your devices is disabled.

Sidewalk is essentially a mesh network that extends your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection area up to a mile. It makes your echo speakers and some ring gadgets in Bridge devices to give the Internet connected tech A boost.

Take a look at what contacts you have approved in the case in:

Then set permissions to activate or disable a specific device.

Do not handle taxity?

Amazon says the total monthly data with 500 MB per account or the rough equivalent of 10 minutes of HD videos are reduced. That’s not much at all.

If you want to select, open the Alexa app.

Note: This only applies to some devices, including Ring Floodlight Cam, Spotlight Cam Cable and Spotlight Cam Mount of 2019 or later, along with most echo models (including the point, plus, show, dot for children and studio) made after 2016.

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