A 74-year-old veteran has walked the elderly and sick dogs every day

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74-year-old Veteran has been walking elderly and sick dogs every day for 13 years. Not all heroes wear capes, some dogs walk. Like John Howarth, for example, who has walked the dogs of elderly and sick people in his community every day for 13 years.

A 74-year-old veteran has walked the elderly and sick for 13 years

Ginny Howarth John‘s commitment to the sick, the elderly and his dogs has been unwavering. You carry out this noble duty as a volunteer for The Cinnamon Trust, a national charity for “the elderly, the terminally ill and their pets.” In recognition of his work, the charity recently honored John with an award for his long service.

John from Somerset said: “For some people who live alone, having someone walk their dogs means that the dog is exercising and someone is getting in touch regularly.” Some trust volunteers don’t take dogs every day, but I do what I hate to think of the dog waiting for a walk and disappointed.

Most dogs are old too, so a half hour walk is sufficient. “All the people seem to be grateful for my help, some do not see anyone else all day long; the dogs are always happy to see me and I am happy to see them.” John received an award for his long service from The Cinnamon Trust.

On one occasion, he was stopped by a large greyhound belonging to an elderly woman with spinal cancer as he lunged after a cat, causing him to cut his face and break his glasses.

As such, he has had to attend numerous funerals and even found a dead man in his chair.

But while these experiences have been painful, John knows that his service is invaluable and his dedication has made his family proud. I am very proud of him, as are our two daughters.

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