After losing cubs tigress adopts piglets

After losing cubs tigress adopts piglets

The story of a tiger mother who adopts piglets after losing her children is being revived by all Internet users, even though it has been a long time since this event.

After losing cubs tigress adopts piglets

Although this happened several years ago, social network users revived the story of a tigress from the California Zoo, who supposedly adopted a litter of piglets as her own after losing her own cubs due to their low birth weight.

The story told in social networks is as follows: a tigress in California had given birth to three cubs that died days after birth because they were premature. Faced with this situation, the tigress went into depression to the point of not eating and was about to die because of the loss of her cubs.

For this reason, the zoo veterinarians decided to get her some tiger cubs, however, it is difficult to get them of the exact age, so it was decided to disguise some pig cubs to mitigate the sadness of the tigress, so it is surprising that the big cat instead of devouring them adopted them as his own.

The truth

Despite the tenderness of this story, the truth is very different from what is told on social networks, since according to sources, the piglets were not given to a depressed tigress, but were taken from the Sriracha Tiger Zoo in Thailand, famous for its exotic exhibits.

According to this version, the piglets usually live with cubs and moms of both species in order to learn to relate to each other.

Therefore, the piglets’ tiger costume would be only to make the act more attractive to zoo visitors.

So this story leaves us a great lesson, do not believe everything you see on social networks because it is not always true.

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