Apple launches AirTag to help you find lost keys

Apple launches AirTag to help you find lost keys

Apple launches AirTag to help you find lost keys

Apple launches AirTag to help find lost keys. Has unveiled a whole load of new products, including the Airtag, a small tracker that helps you find your keys and phone.

The product was officially launched at Apple’s virtual product launch (April 20).

The Airtag comes in packs of one and four and costs $29 and $99. They will be available on April 30.

Kaiannarance, Apple’s vice president of global iPhone product marketing, said “We are excited to offer this incredible new capability to iPhone users with the introduction of AirTag, leveraging the extensive Find My network, to help them track and find the important items in their lives.”

AirTag itself is lightweight, water and dust resistant.

“It has a built-in speaker to find it, as well as a battery replacement cover.

“It connects via Bluetooth in the same way as AirPods: it comes close to an iPhone and automatically connects it.”

Every object the Airtag connects to can have its own name, so you know exactly where all your stuff is at any given time.

As soon as it is set up, it simply shows up in the New Items tab in the My App tab.

Users can then see their current location or last known location.

If lost, the item can play a sound to help the user support it.

The technology company has also launched other products, such as a new iMac.

It has a 24-inch screen that is only slightly larger than the existing 21.5-inch model, but benefits, according to Apple, from a reduced screen size.

It will come in a range of colors and also has a new camera located at the top of the screen.

This was done with the recent increase in video calling.

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