A bride was criticized for serving McDonald’s at her wedding meal

Bride McDonald's
Bride McDonald's

A bride was heavily criticized for wanting to give McDonald’s dishes to guests instead of an expensive wedding meal, but some love it.

The decision of the bride of serving McDonald’s

The woman took to social media to say she wants to make a fun fast food buffet, and she divided opinion.

She said that her fiance wanted a super non-traditional, and also cheap, wedding. On the other hand, she wanted pizza.

So they decided to tranform ther wedding meal to a really fun time, and they decided to do a buffet of Chick-fil-A, pizza and donuts.

She also showed a photo of Donald Trump smiling next to a large McDonald’s table and Burger King Food serving a national college football team at the White House. The bride defined this photo as her “inspiration.”

Imagine spending hundreds of dollars to attend a wedding and getting served a cold Big Mac 🤢 from r/weddingshaming

The answer of the Internet

While some people praised the idea of the bride of serving McDonald’s at her wedding meal, others rejected it. Some people said the buffet would mean guests would be left with a cold Big Mac.

Moreover, one person rejected it, saying, “Imagine spending hundreds of dollars to attend a wedding and have a Big Mac served to you.”

Another person said “I totally support fresh hamburgers or pizzas. But McDonald’s burgers aren’t good for more than 10 minutes past when they’re made and they’re definitely not a high quality meal.”

However, a third wrote: “To be fair, I have gone to weddings where at around midnight or 1am they bring out platters of mcdoubles and nuggets as a “drunk snack” as well as flip flops to change out of heels at.”

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