Canva stands with #StopAsianHate


Racism runs counter to the values that Canva holds dear. This past year has been an important reminder that we must all take a stand and speak out against racism wherever it occurs. Canva wants to inspire meaningful change and address the increased fear for the safety and security of the AAPI community.

Canva stands with #StopAsianHate

They have created a series of free social media templates to help support the AAPI community, provide educational resources and spread hope, not hate.

Let’s all design a better world together and eradicate racism.

  1. Reach out, listen and support this difficult time for the AAPI community.

    Take this opportunity to be kind and supportive. We can all learn from each other.

  2. Support the businesses x local AAPI businesses were successfully taken over last year and need your support. You can help by visiting businesses in your neighborhood (if possible) or by purchasing their products online.

  3. Explore and share AAPI Cultia is the largest continent in the world, full of rich and unique cultures. Each has its own language, history, celebrations and cuisines. The more you seek to understand, the better informed and more compassionate you will be.

  4. Education is available; many resources are available.

STOP AAPI HATE is a good place to start.

Anti-discrimination is made possible through collaboration. Canva has an anti-discrimination clause in their site terms of use. This prohibits anyone from using their tools or content to incite discrimination or violence.

They, like us, encourage any organization to adopt these terms for their own use.

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