Cardi B : “nervous and really shy” with other celebrities

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Cardi B: Not exactly the first person from which you would expect you to call themselves shy!

Cardi B looks great. But when she was younger, she remembers that she felt unsure because she looked different than other Dominican girls.

Cardi B : Shy and nervous for others celebrities

But in the latest edition of the interview, Cardi to Mariah Carey said that she was “really shy” when “celebrities [you] invite to places”.

“We make the phone, but if it was personal, I could not see you in the eyes,” she said to Carey.

“I’m so nervous with celebrities. ” Cardi also explained that part of her hesitation to meet celebrities from the fear that she comes to “a celebrity close and the feeling, we had a connection, and then make it out of nothing a fun shit and disappoint me”.

Now Cardi loves her look and nobody can make her feel different. “If you do not do it hard for me or make a fun shit, I’ll feel a particular way. My husband always tries to tell me: ‘You can not think so because you have it to network and that’s not real life, You have to understand that.

Mariah then asked Cardi: “Do you think that the business has changed you or have you seen that it has changed other people who you may have known before they appeared?”

“That’s why I stay away from people,” Cardi replied.

“My fans want me to interact with more artists, but if I love their music, I do not want to meet them because I do not want to hate them.”

Well, it looks like the Cardi meeting with Mariah (even if it was only by phone) is good: the two exchanged after the publication of the interview praise.

Hey, who says you can not find new friends? “You have to have a big butt. So I felt uncertain.”

“In the Bronx, it’s about being fat and has an ass, so boys would say,” Look at your fat ass. “And let me feel as ugly and undeveloped.”

“When I was 20, I went to the Urban Strip Club and in the Urban, Strip Clubs had to have a big butt. That’s why I felt uncertain, “added the rapper” Up “. “It brought me back to high school. So I finished my ass. And then I felt super confident. ” “I’m Trini and I’m Dominican, and there are many Dominicans who look in a particular way,” she said Mariah Carey in the interview magazine. “They have soft, pretty, curly hair.”

“When I grew up, I asked myself strange questions like:” If you are Dominican, why are your hair so windy? “She went on.” I used to dye my hair, and people always said, “Oh, your hair is so crispy.” And I would feel so funny. ”

Cardi also said that she did not like her body type because she was “really thin” as she grew up. When Cardi was 18 years old, she began to work on her body.

“Even when I was 18 years old and dancer became, I had enough money to buy my breasts,” she said. “So every uncertainty I felt about my breasts was away.”

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