Children discover a well in the forest: this is what was in it

Children discover a well in the forest: this is what was in it

Two children come across a deep grave while in a forest. And what they discover inside has left everyone speechless.

Children discover a well in the forest: this is what was in it

Their names are Tyler and Eugene and they are two cousins who, every day, go to the woods for a quiet walk.

However, as they walk, they realize that there is something different in that place that they already know, like their own pockets. What caught their attention was a hole they had never seen before. That hole was shaped like a small well and, on the surface, looked just as deep. But children are known to be curious. The two cousins, therefore, decided to get closer and peek in to see if, at the bottom of the cavity, there was anything interesting.

And indeed, there really was something unique.

A pit bull had ended up in the pit and could no longer come to the surface. The little animal also appeared to be very hungry. Tyler, therefore, immediately went to call his father who, after studying the situation, decided to go down to the bottom of the well to retrieve the animal. The question everyone instinctively asked was whether the pit bull had become aggressive due to hunger.

Absolutely not. The poor dog turned out calm and gentle, delighted to have been saved. In fact, he never stopped licking the face and hands of his benefactors, wagging his tail contentedly. Soon after, he was adopted by a family friend.

Are pit bulls aggressive?

The American Pit Bull Terrier is a cross between two English breeds: the English White Terrier and the Old Bulldog. The crossbreeding took place at the end of the 19th century.

However, according to other sources, it is a true bulldog, without the contribution of other breeds.

First of all, a distinction must be made between natural aggression and forced aggression due to the training for fighting to which man subjects the dog.

The pit bull has a remarkable innate aggression that has, however, been, over the centuries, stimulated by man himself through careful selection and conditioning. That said, aggression is not negative in itself, especially if, as in the case of the pit bull, it is accompanied by precious qualities such as obedience and submission to man.

Therefore, if properly exploited, these peculiarities can become very important for the human being. Besides, the pit bull is a very loyal and brave dog, ideal as a defense and as a guard, as well as an excellent companion for children, since it is extremely patient.

However, there are those who have different opinions. An investigation carried out by the ASL of Florence reveals that, out of 32 victims, 9 were caused by German shepherds, 4 by pit bulls and 3 by Rottweilers.

Of these, 19 were owners or family members. The same studies, but conducted at the Tufts University Veterinary School in the United States, state, instead, that the breeds most guilty of lethal attacks are, in order: pit bull, rottweiler and German shepherd.

But not all pit bulls, rottweilers and German shepherds are lethal. There are indeed many of them very affectionate. The question is: how to handle such a situation with such high variability? Some have proposed setting up behavioral schools that issue certificates that one of the dogs in question is docile and affectionate. An opportunity – why not?

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