Chrissy Teigen is planting a tribute tree with Jack’s ashes in the ground 

chrissy teigen

Chrissy Teigen has revealed her plans to pay tribute to her son, baby Jack, by planting a tree in the house shared with John Legend and his two sons.

Chrissy Teigen: tribute tree with Jack’s ashes in the ground

Chrissy, 35, and John, 42, sadly lost their son Jack after complications during pregnancy. Since then, Chrissy has been praised by fans for candidly sharing her heartbreaking miscarriage journey.

On the cover of PEOPLE’s The Beautiful Issue, Chrissy said, “We have this new house that we are building and this tree that is being planted inside the house, which is very identifiable, yes, everyone has an indoor tree.” I wanted Jack’s ashes to be able to be in that soil and he could be with us all the time and grow through the beautiful leaves of this tree and always be a part of us.

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“He was real and he was real to us and we love him.” Chrissy, who described the last year as “a roller coaster”, also spoke about the possibility of having more children, adding: “I can’t imagine a life without (my children) – I just can’t AND I can’t imagine a life without more.

, honestly, so we’ll see! “Chrissy – who is also the mother of Luna, four, and Miles, two – recently spoke about her lost pregnancy in an interview, telling Ellen DeGeneres that it was a” transformative experience “that” really did except”.

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Une publication partagée par chrissy teigen (@chrissyteigen)

“It was really transformative for me and in a way it really saved me, because I don’t think I would have discovered therapy and then sobriety and this journey of feeling good about myself and feeling like a new person.” she said.

At the time, Chrissy posted a series of heartbreaking images from the hospital, after she and John lost Jack for the first time.

Speaking about the images months later, she added: “Looking at those images now, it seems like it was a long time ago.

And also, of course, everything was so blurry.” Even thinking about it now, I’m still in therapy over and I’m still coming to terms with it.

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