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The world of cryptocurrencies is a constantly expanding universe. Public and institutional interest in cryptocurrencies has been growing in recent years and the future of the sector is expected to be even more explosive than we have seen so far.

Given this situation, it is natural that the demand for information related to the crypto world is also increasing and it is precisely in the wake of this growing interest that Alessio Ippolito, an Italian entrepreneur and publisher, decided to found, as early as 2017, a new brand destined to dominate the Italian cryptocurrency-themed information scene: we are talking about the website project is one of a kind and his setting makes this site something unique in Italy. According to Alessio Ippolito’s words, “The growth of the site, on which we started to publish in 2018, has been quite sudden and it allowed my crew and I to represent the Italian crypto market during various events and initiatives, both national and international.”

Therefore, let’s find out more about the project and the elements that have characterised its success. and crypto information in 2022

The cryptocurrency sector is not only a harbinger of new technologies and interesting innovations, it is also full of risks. Dealing with it isn’t easy at all, so we asked Alessio Ippolito (CEO and Founder of Alessio Ippolito SRL) how he managed to succeed with his newborn site.

“I was well aware of the difficulties and risks involved in the industry, but my determination to help those approaching crypto was stronger. For this reason, I chose to put the best editorial manager I know at the head of the project: Gianluca Grossi.”

In order to speak to an audience made up mainly of beginners in the field of cryptocurrencies, there was an immediate need to create informative, easy-to-understand content that would be able to guide people through the complex world of blockchain and tokens in a very simple way.

With this approach, the website was able to reach the amazing figure of 12 million hits, making it the leading cryptocurrency information website in Italy. But this result was not only due to the large amount of news published in relation to the crypto universe. As per Alessio Ippolito’s admission, there is much more material that is published on the site.

“Guides in video format, long form reviews of various crypto projects, reviews of cryptocurrency investment platforms and analysis of major projects, are just some of the contents that users can find on the site and use for free to increase their knowledge of the crypto world. This is the way we have chosen to make a seemingly very complex field simpler.”

Nowadays, the project has reached a really important dimension and in addition to a very successful website it is now much more. In fact, the project’s YouTube channel, Twitter account and Telegram channel, which was launched in December 2021 and is already frequented by many users, are growing at a great pace.

The project’s vision is quite clear. The project’s founder Alessio realised right from the start that cryptocurrencies, along with their many opportunities, also carried many risks due to scams and bad information sources that had already been swarming the web for a few years.

“One of the cornerstones of the project was therefore the clarity and transparency of information. At the heart of the project was the so-called ‘fact checking’, that is the practice of verifying any information before publishing it on the website. This has allowed our site to gain the trust of its users and increase the number of users who read the content published on the site on a daily basis”.

In addition to transparency, there is certainly another key element that the owner wanted to be part of the project, namely the absolute impartiality of the content. As is well known, when doing journalism there is always the risk that the information is biassed, whereas on it was decided from the outset to leave all interpretation to the reader himself. For this reason, all content is completely devoid of personal opinions or investment advice that could be harmful to users.

Here are some of the most important and interesting sections of the website:

  • Bitcoin: The cryptocurrency par excellence, Bitcoin, certainly holds a place of absolute importance. Here readers will find a complete assortment of everything related to the digital currency, from advice on how to invest without risk to all the features.
  • Exchange: Here you will find a complete overview of the best secure and accredited exchanges through which to invest in cryptocurrencies.
  • Wallet: In the wallet section you will find a complete overview of cryptocurrency wallets, which are storage services for digital currencies that you can use to keep your cryptocurrency purchases safe.

At the end of this interview, we had one last question for CEO Alessio Ippolito: what does the future hold for

His answer is simple: “In the future, the project will continue to focus on quality as the main strength of the project and, above all, it will continue with the updates on everything that is web 3.0, a universe that now includes the presence of growing novelties such as NFT and Metaverse”.

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