Daft punk officially moves back in ‘Epilogue’ music video

daft punk splits

Daft punk – the popular french house music Duo, which is known for wearing helmets on stage and acting like robots – is officially called and did it in a fitting dramatic fashion.

Daft Punk Duo Announce retirement

The French duo, Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo, and Thomas Bangalter have just called an 8-minute video called “Epilogue” …

in which the only sounds for the first 5 minutes an excerpt form their 2006 movie “Electroma” is. ” Kathryn Frazier, the longtime publicist of the band, confirmed the separation for the associated press.

Bangalter and De Homem-Christo met in Paris School in 1987.

Before the Dist Punk, they formed an indie rock band called Darling.

In the clip, the guys go through the desert, watching each other, and then one of them activates a potentially explosive device on the back of the other …

observed how he walked away and inflate.

Then classic electronic music enters “1993-2021” on the screen … and the rest of the Daft Punk member goes into the sunset.

We reach the group to see if this means that you are breaking, and longtime journalist, Biz 3 owner Kathryn Frazier confirms, …

but did not give any reason.

Daft punk began to inflate in the late 1990s as part of the French house movement but would reach mainstream success with “even more time” and “harder, better, faster, stronger”.

The French duo is responsible for hits, such as “Get Lucky”, “Hardener, better, fast, stronger” and much more

Daft punk, known for their signature helmets, when they occur, over the years had great success, the six Grammy Awards won and international hits with “again”, “harder, better, faster, stronger” and “Get Lucky”.

They won a Grammy for their Alive 2007 album, who composed the soundtrack for “Tron: Legacy” in 2010, and in 2013 had a smashing goal with “Get Lucky” with Pharrell.

In 1993 they officially formed daft-punk, and the heralded, muting and mysterious musicians published their debut album, “homework” in 1997.

They first found success with the international hit “Da Funk”, who met the Billboard dance cards and received them their First Grammy nomination. The second nomination of no. 1 hit and Grammy nomination followed with “around the world”.

Daft punk spent time touring the world and reached more heights with their Sophomore album, 2001s “Discovery”. It included the infectious smash “again” and “harder, better, faster, stronger,” the Kanye West resizable reversed in his hit “stronger”, which was released in 2007. It won the Best Rap Solo Performance Grammy in 2008 show were west and daft punk stores together.

A year later, a live version of “harder, better, faster, stronger” gained daft punk the best dance recording Grammy – your first profit – and your “Alive 2007” album took the Best Electronic / Dance album.

But the Grammys in 2014 in which Daft Punk took the limelight, the album of the year for “Random Access Memories” won and history as the first electronic file to win the highest honor among the Grammies. The duo won four awards at this night, including the recording of the year for her bombshell hit “Get Lucky” with Pharrell Williams and Nil Rodgers.

“Random access memories” was considered a genre-bending album, which was highlighted by its mix of live instruments, disco sounds, radio, rock, R & B, and more. Rolling Stone ranked it No. 295 on your list of “500 largest albums of all time” last year.

The 2016 Collab 2016 Collab with the group on “Starboy” was the first # 1 on Billboards Hot 100. Since then both tour and separation towels of the group have followed … but it seems that the speculation is split.

Popular electronic music pioneer Daft punk announced that they split after 28 years.

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