Dua Lipa Blend in a high-gloss Versace dress at the Grammys of 2021

dua lipa grammys
Dua Lipa Grammys

Dua Lipa brought her fierce and fun aesthetics to the 2021 grammys red carpet. The pop star, 25, chose a dazzling metal with high gloss chain metal panels with a “very symbolic” butterfly over the top.

Dua Lipa Blend in a high-gloss Versace dress at the Grammys of 2021

“This dress was made for me by Versace,” said the singer the people on the carpet. “I love it. I feel like a princess, so yeah, I’m excited.”

“When I created the first album, much of what was going on in my life was heart pain,” she said of her self-titled album 2018.

“I felt so happy, and things went so well, I was so good Like “Ok, I have to portray this feeling in a way that does not feel cheesy to me. ”

“I do not know why I thought that if you are a pop artist, and you make a happy song, then suddenly it is not cool,” she added.

“I just had to leave that.”

She was a long-standing fan of the brand, recently inspired a sea-inspired mini dress with the sea, the 2020 AMAS, and a psychedelic print atelier-Versace ballgags with exaggerated hip strap and “60s-inspired reached in 2019 Gala.

Just a few weeks ago, she got together with the brand to promote his new La Medusa bag in February. And she has fashion in the days, which leads to the big night. In the week earlier, she shared various snapshots in two different Instagram posts that document all the amazing outfits that they wore during the Grammy’s Promos and the sample, as well as looking for their new Evian campaign and Vogue Magazine photoshoots.

Dua Lipa is nominated tonight for six different awards, including recording the year, the song of the year, and the best pop solo performance for “not stopping now”, the album of the year, and the best pop vocal album for Future nostalgia and the best pop duo/group performance for “Un-Dia (one day)” with J Balvin, Dua Lipa, Bad Bunny & Tainy.

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David Escobar
March 25, 2021 8:46 pm

I won’t delve into how much I love her look only thing I’ll say is I really love her I really love her music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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