In Spain, a small boat crashed against a Russian billionaire’s ship

Family boat super yacht
Family boat super yacht

In Spain, a small family boat was sailing alongside a Russian billionaire’s $530 million super yacht. Unfortunately, the small ship got too close and couldn’t avoid the collision with the super expensive boat. Ther are still conflicting reports of the incident.

The incident between the family boat and the super yacht

The incident took place in the Vigo estuary, in the province of Galicia, northwestern Spain, on March 28.

There are conflicting reports as to who was in the little boat at the time of the incident, However, from the footage, it seems pretty clear that at least two of them were children.

The video, uploaded to social media, showed the small boat approaching the 143-meter yacht and then struggling to get away from it.

The family boat, which seemed quite small, in reality was probably about six or seven meters long.

The large yacht, known as Sailing Yacht A, is one of the largest sailboats in the world. It has a nightclub, a helipad and three separate pools on board. It is owned by the Russian oligarch Andrey Melnichenko, 49. His net worth is estimated to be around $15 billion.

It is currently in Vigo awaiting repairs and overhaul.

The Spanish captaincy report

The captain of the Sailing Yacht A intends to submit a report to the Vigo Captaincy on the incident. Also Melnichenko’s representatives confirmed it, because it’s in ine with the maritime navigation instructions..

However, it is thought that around 50 boats were in the water that day, all trying to get a closer look at the mega-yacht.

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