Farmer Plants 250,000 Sunflowers in a Pattern to Create a Huge Sunflower Trail


After learning that sunflowers could thrive in his frigid region, a Scottish farmer planted a quarter million of them. He then turned his field into a gigantic route, drawing tourists from as far away as Australia.

On his property in Gloagburn property, close to Perth, Scotland, Crawford Niven originally had the concept for a flower-lined pathway three years ago and started making plans for its eventual realization.

The 26-year-old said that he was initially dubious of sunflowers’ ability to thrive so far north. They couldn’t possibly grow in Scotland, I reasoned.

However, the crop continued to prosper, and he now has 13 acres of them.

The trails on his estate have been explored by thousands of visitors who have walked among the 7-foot stalks.

It presents a photo opportunity, according to Niven. They adore it.

“People have traveled here from everywhere,”

He designed a route last year that was shaped like Scotland, but this year he went with a more ‘random’ natural layout.

Crawford, who has a YouTube channel where he uploads farming-related videos, estimated that the bloom would persist for roughly four weeks and that the path would close the following week.

The entire trail may be walked in between 30 and 60 minutes, and there is a kid-friendly 20-minute version with games and free admission for kids 12 and under.

The only thing we are unable to do is harvest the seeds because of Scotland’s lack of summertime sunlight.

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