Florida uber driver traumatized after passenger attacks him and bites chunk out of

Florida Uber Driver Traumatized After Passenger Attacks Him And Bites Chunk Out Of

In Florida uber driver a is left traumatized after the passenger attacked him, and bit off chunks of his neck.

Florida Uber Driver Traumatized After Passenger Attacks Him And Bites Chunk Out Of

A video of a woman in Florida went viral after she choked her driver and took a bite out of his neck.

The incident took place Saturday in St. Petersburg, near Tampa.

The Uber driver, 22-year-old Michael Hassey Jr, took Michele Stilwell, 55, this afternoon.

However, she woke up and immediately attacked Harsey.

Hassey spoke to local news station WFLA 8 to recount the ordeal.

In the story, he said Stilwell woke up and attacked him,
Stilwell wrapped his hands around Hassey’s neck from the back seat.

Hassey said, “He started yelling at me and slapped me in the face. He went down on my neck like a pit bull, shaking his head.”

The driver turned around and tried to walk away, but Stilwell continued and dragged his hand across Hassey’s chest during the attack.

Claiming he was polite not to hit a lady, he regrets why he did it and having “let it happen.” Witnesses were able to peel Stilwell away from Harsey until police arrived on the scene.

Recordings show that they believe Stilwell during the attack was shaken, but other details are scarce.

If asked to recall everything that happened, it’s difficult for Hassey, who said, “This was a real horror movie.”

Hassey also blames the incident and the aftermath on Uber.

The driver tried to contact the company several times during the attack, and she “ignored it.”

“Violent parts of any kind are not tolerated on the Uber app, and we have immediately accessed the driver away as soon as this was reported” responded the company via its twitter account.

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