Four B2B campaign ideas that can be used for email marketing

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Email marketing is positioning itself as the most effective marketing strategy available today. Both companies and end customers usually have an email that they consult daily, and that makes this type of communication well received, generating a higher return than other methods. Today we are going to look at some ideas for B2B campaigns.

Email marketing campaigns work on the basis of a strategy oriented to meet a certain number of objectives. This allows for an effective organization of tasks that produce the ideal results for a brand to position itself in the minds of its consumers. The B2B sector is particularly sensitive in this respect because it is about convincing other companies to become customers of the brand.

A timetable must then be established to ensure that appropriate actions are taken at each point in the year. This means checking special dates in the calendar year as well as plans and launches you have as a brand. To help with this, here are some b2b newsletter ideas.

Special dates of the year

We begin this tour by mentioning a must: the special dates of the year. At this point we refer to days when most customers are waiting for a discount or special promotion for the day that is coming, such as Mother’s Day, Christmas, New Year’s Day or the always popular Black Friday.

For a campaign of this nature to be successful, it is very important to plan it and ensure that the offer is attractive and irresistible to the potential customer. This means that it is not enough to simply say that a 10 or 20% discount will be applied, but to give them the key tools to make them want to buy for the sake of it.

It is also important to be very careful that the day in question is in line with the brand’s objectives and values, as it is not necessary in all cases to prepare campaigns of this nature. For example, a shop that sells products specifically for men would have no reason to include promotions on Mother’s Day.

Now, the most important thing in all of this is to clearly describe what the promotion is about and how long it will be in force. As they are special campaigns, they generally have a short period of time to be available and this must be stated strongly in order to motivate potential customers to buy as soon as possible. In this way, the brand is able to earn more revenue in a shorter period of time.

Giving a gift

Who doesn’t like freebies? These campaigns are some of the most successful and create a sense of appreciation in people, so they are used to help establish affinity and show potential customers how good the brand is at what it is doing. Typically, these are digital giveaways, such as a PDF guide or a discount coupon.

With gifts there is a very important element, and it is that they are not only used by people who are already part of the subscriber list, but also by new subscribers who come by recommendation or advertising. In these cases, as the entry is massive, it is essential to have a good email marketing software to help you manage it, and the most recommended is Mailrelay

Thanks to its working system, it will be possible to have an account adapted to the demands of the brand. In its free version alone, it is already capable of allowing access to 20,000 subscribers and sending up to 80,000 emails, which is more than enough to get started in this task and, above all, to be successful in implementing gifts to potential customers.


The launch of a new product or service is a big event, both for the brand and its potential customers. To achieve a good working statistic, the use of email marketing is one of the key pieces that must work for success.

In fact, many brands only launch via email when they already have a large number of subscribers and have created a convenient community for this purpose. This demonstrates the power of this method for marketing purposes.

The most usual, in any case, is to complement advertising strategies with email marketing, but always including it as it is the easiest way to have all the data of potential customers sorted in one place and, with a tool like Mailrelay, even segment them by interests.

Regular promotions

The last idea that we will give about email marketing campaigns is oriented to regular promotions of products or services that are available for sale. There are companies that are dedicated with great care to this type of mailing and therefore make up to a daily mailing, even 2 or more depending on the marketing strategy they are using.

The main objective here is to sell, but they take advantage of creating a communication focused on the needs and interests of their potential customer and wrap it in a story that is appealing. Many people find this strategy to be a time-consuming one, but in general it works very well when done with focus, as it is capable of securing daily sales.

In these cases it is also a good plan to include a special discount for a very short period of time, for example 24 hours, without notice or a special gift that is not promoted. This strategy is used with the purpose of motivating people to always be attentive to the communications sent by the brand and never fail to open an email.

When creating email marketing campaigns, it is essential to have good software that helps each mailing to land in the subscribers’ home tab. In addition to that, it is key to make the recipients feel special, encourage exclusivity, advantages, benefits and design. Although there are many recommendations, there is nothing strict to comply with, the important thing is to find the way that is useful to each company.

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