Freddie Mercury the Seal dies after dog attack

freddie the seal

A seal named Freddie Mercury sadly died after being attacked by an ‘out of control’ dog in South West London.

The seal is named after the Queen singer after entertaining people near Hammersmith Bridge in Barnes, having arrived in the area last month.

Freddie the seal dies after dog attack

He became something of a national treasure after appearing on This Morning and other news channels, with a fundraiser for the animal that he said ‘brought much-needed joy and smiles’ to the community.

However, heartbreaking footage from the weekend showed the ‘serious’ injuries he sustained after being attacked by a dog, and the British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR) confirmed that poor Freddie has had to be euthanized.

BDMLR said it sent doctors to treat Freddie’s injuries, which included a bite to his right wing, and further X-rays revealed that he suffered a fracture, dislocation and damage to his joints, ligaments and nerves.

Because of this, the charity said, it became “impossible” to treat the seal and return it to the wild.

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