Garland : “no reason” why Durham shouldn’t stay in place to investigate Russia’s origins

merrick garland

“I do not,” Garland said, adding that President Biden “has made it clear in his public statements” before and after my nomination “that decisions on law enforcement measures would leave to the Ministry of Justice.

Garland sees “no reason” why Durham shouldn’t stay in place

Garland said it would not be “useful” for him to devote the actions of Comey as a former official, but said he would work “eager” to restore the long-standing policy of the department to give out no derogatory comments that go out, appear in an indictment.

“I’m always very worried and was always worried that we are very careful with FISA,” Garland said, naming it a “very useful and important” instrument for investigations.

Graham squeezed garland on whether he held Durham’s investigation for legitimacy, where garland said, “I do not know about the investigation.” “Senator, I do not want to analyze any of the previous directors,” he said.

Graham said to him, “I just find it pretty amazing that in my opinion, I can not say that he was a terrible FBI director.” “I think someone should look at what happened in relation to these Fisas, and I think the General Inspector did that,” Garland said.

The source also informed FOX News that this investigation was partly based on suspicious activity reports (SARS) concerning suspicious foreign transactions. Another source familiar with the investigation reported Fox News that the SARS funds from “China and other foreign nations” concerned.

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