Girl hatched a Waitrose egg and now has a pet duck

charlie the duck

A teenage girl decided to try hatching an egg she got from Waitrose and, as if by magic, now has a pet duck named Charlie. Lucy Callaghan from Fife in Scotland posted her journey with Charlie the Duck on social media and fans can’t get enough of her and her feathered little companion.

Girl hatched a Waitrose egg and now has a pet duck

Her name is @charliethemotherducker on TikTok and you can see Charlie from when he was just an egg. At first, it was under a hen, but towards the end they used a spinning incubator to keep the egg warm so it could hatch.

She kept him in a cage when he was really little, but now Charlie follows Lucy wherever she goes, biting her trouser legs if she doesn’t get the attention she wants and deserves.

Followers regularly ask questions about what it’s like to have a duck, and some even say they want to try hatching eggs themselves.

Lucy said: “It was a spontaneous idea when my mother and I were shopping at our local Waitrose, we had a broody chicken and decided to see if it worked.” It was £ 2.60 when we bought them.

Charlie is now seven months old and huge compared to the other ducks in my yard.

“My dad didn’t know we had duck eggs under our hen; he only found out when we had to take Charlie home to take him to the incubator when he was hatching.

My dad was not impressed at first because we had so many animals.

But now he loves Charlie. “Charlie goes everywhere with Lucy, follows her around the garden and sits with her in the house.”

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