Gordon Ramsay ‘s daughter pranks her father with a raw egg trick

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Gordon Ramsay ‘s daughter has played a prank on her famous volatile father with a water and raw egg trick, and people have speculated whether we’ll ever hear from her again.

Gordon Ramsay ‘s daughter plays a prank

She shared it with the caption: “I’m still running very, very far.” In the video, she can be seen pretending to perform a magic trick on her father.

She has a bottle of water and holds the egg on top, before mysteriously moving her hands around the egg.

Hiding the egg in his other hand, he removes his hands from the top of the bottle.

When Daddy Gordon bends over to look for the egg, she squeezes the bottle and hits him square in the face, before hitting the egg on the back of the head.

Then he wisely decides to quit altogether, with fans speculating that he’s probably still running.

Another wrote: “Tell me that you are not afraid without telling me that you are not afraid.” It is not yet known what has happened to Tilly, but judging by the look on Gordon’s face, he just knows that he has been fine and he really laughs.

It’s not the first time Tilly has had one with her father in recent months. In December, he posted a video on TikTok saying boldly that he prefers his mother’s cuisine to that of his father, the celebrity chef.

In the video, Tilly and her dad dance as two options appear on the screen.

If you like the option on the left, you leave the screen on the left, and if you like the option on the right more, you leave it on the right.

In the video, they reveal a few character traits about themselves, including, shocked horror, the fact that Gordon Ramsay likes expensive wine and that Tilly prefers to go out into town to stay at home.

However, the real divide is seen when ‘mom is cooking’ and ‘dad is cooking’ appear at the top of the screen.

While Gordon obviously goes to his own kitchen, Tilly leaves the screen on the opposite side, indicating that he prefers his mother’s kitchen to his famous father’s scran

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