Hilary Duff Will Star In The Series “How I Met Your Father”

Hilary Duff will star in the series "How I Met Your Father."

Starring Hilary Duff the new TV show will be titled “How I Met Your Father” and take place primarily in 2021. Duff will play the main character Sophie who, sometime in the “near future,” is “telling her son the story of how she met his father.”

Hilary Duff will star in the series “How I Met Your Father”

A sequel series to “How I Met Your Mother,” titled “How I Met Your Father,” was ordered to star Hilary Duff.

In the near future, Sophie (Duff) tells her son how she met his father.

A story that catapults us into the year 2021, in which Sophie and her close group of friends defiantly in the midst of figuring out who they are, what they want for a living, and how to agree to fall in love with dating apps and unlimited options in love.

According to the project, it is not yet clear how the new show will tie into the original.

How I Met Your Mother’s” Carter Bays and Craig Thomas are also on board as executive producers.

Duff will executive produce alongside the lead role with Adam Londy as co-executive producer.

20th Television is producing the new series as well as the original.

Aptaker and Berger are currently in the studio on a full deal.

Isaac and Elizabeth are brilliant, and I can’t wait to work alongside them and all their genius.” said the leading lady.

“I realize these are great shoes to fill, and I’m thrilled to get in with my 6 ½ there!” she went on to express.

How I Met Your Mother, has aired nine seasons and over 200 episodes from 2005-2014 on CBS.

The series starred Josh Radnor, Cobie Smulders, Neil Patrick Harris, Jason Sails and Alyson Hannigan.

Carter and Craig’s iconic original series revolutionized the half-hour comedy, and we’re honored to carry the torch to the next generation, and with Hilary-Duff no less!

We can’t wait for audiences to meet Sophie and her crew, and to see how they make their way and find love in modern New York City.

The series brings Duff to Hulu after failing to move the revival of the Disney Channel series “Lizzie McGuire” to the Disney Plus streamer.

Variant previously reported that DUFF and series creator Terri Minsky wanted to do a female version of the series, while Disney wanted something familiar.

In addition to her role on “Lizzie McGuire,” DUFF is known to have Duff known on the critically acclaimed “younger” series.

Duff was repped by Linden Entertainment and Uta for the deal.

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