How to create a battle scenario with miniature paintings


Art has many edges, and miniature paintings are part of an admirable and striking family of this area. Drawings of this type are used for many purposes, but in this post we are going to refer to the opportunity they offer to put together a very realistic battlefield with perfect strokes.

Who hasn’t been attracted to combat games? Although there are many studies that sanction them, they are a mixture of fun and adrenaline that is very difficult to achieve in real life. The best thing? Everything that happens in the game is fictitious and can be stopped whenever you want.

Now, for these games to be available to create a fantasy setting, they need those beautiful accompanying drawings that bring the characters to life and allow everything to look realistic. In these cases, a miniature painter is just what is needed, as it allows you to recreate characters of all kinds. In addition, they can be further enhanced with special characterizations.

There are professionals who are dedicated to creating true works of art, so it is not necessary to have this skill to achieve the expected result. However, it does take time, as the miniature details are more delicate than those that are evident in larger paintings.

The level of finish

Not all miniature drawings have the same characteristics. They are all expected to be of a higher level of quality, but sometimes they do not need to have such precise details because, depending on the plot of the game, they may not be visible for long.

For example, if we are talking about a battle scenario, the first soldiers that form the attack line are finished quickly, so it is not a good plan to spend too much time on them. The idea in this case would be to show them in their full clothing and general characteristics, without focusing too much on the details.

Subsequent characters, which do last longer, may take a little longer. It is important to note that the level of detail tends to cost more money, but at the same time it is what is going to offer the best experience to anyone who is playing the game and wants to “live” the moment. This tends to include older members of the army like senior officers.

Ultimately, all those characters that do stay in the game for a longer period of time or that, because of their level of impact, tend to attract a lot of attention, are collected. These are the drawings in which maximum time and operational capacity must be invested in order to achieve impressive results. Here, the characters that make the difference tend to be the heroes and the main villains, even the monsters.

Process for the creation of thumbnail drawings

When it comes to thumbnail drawings, in order for everything to look exactly as intended, the draftsmen follow a more or less similar working process to the one applied to miniature painting. This includes the following steps:

  1. Discussion of the project: this is where the basic guidelines of what is to be achieved are established. Sometimes the contractor is very clear about everything, in other cases it is better to accept the suggestions of the specialist.
  2. Sample thumbnail: this is a preview of what the final thumbnail will be. The idea of this is to assess that the sketch adapts to what you are looking for and to avoid the final drawing having to be modified.
  3. Regular review: direct and continuous contact is essential to assess the progress of the drawings. This contact can be daily or according to the established schedule.
  4. Delivery: when everything is ready, the final project is submitted.

Thumbnail drawings are a wonderful experience that is highly involved in the process of creation and the final visualization because it is a very high quality level of art.

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