How to create your own miniature sci-fi army?


Creating your own miniature army is a dream pursued by many fans of this type of activity. However, sometimes they do not know in detail how to go about it and how to achieve the expected result. Today we have prepared a guide to answer the main questions that exist on this subject and here we are going to share it with you.

Miniature paintings are here to stay. Having the chance to see how the artists who do this type of work achieve such spectacular finishes on each piece, motivates us to enjoy them. Thanks to this type of service, it will be possible to enjoy a single miniature or a complete combat army of hundreds of members.

For everything to go smoothly, the first thing to do is to hire a miniature painting service that will be in charge of preparing and setting up the whole project, making it look just as it was imagined. The only way to achieve accurate and beautiful results is with careful workmanship by an expert.

Finishes for the different types of miniatures

To ensure that all the work progresses as expected, it is important to recognize the different types of techniques that are used on miniature painting and to which types of miniatures they should be applied:

  • Dirt brush: this is the most basic and quickest technique to apply. It is used to create the miniatures that are part of the army and do not need to be detailed. For example, the soldiers of the final line that almost all wear the same clothes and are similar.
  • Moon brush: is a painting strategy that seeks to highlight a certain variety of details and uses the support of light to create shadows and other striking effects. It is a work that requires a medium potential for attention.
  • Celestial brush: this is an advanced system of work that seeks to highlight various details so that the results are increasingly realistic. It tends to be a system of work that is very popular among frequent users of this type of service.
  • Star brush: it is a technique that rescues many details in the piece, but it takes time, so it tends to be recommended for those miniatures that are going to be worked on individually.
  • Galactic brush: this is a paint job that is careful in the greatest amount of detail because, frequently, the miniatures that are worked with this method are used to be displayed. In an army, they would be the main bosses or the bad guys of the film.
  • Mythic brush: this is the most careful and delicate work. A rigorous process is followed to create each miniature, taking care of as much detail as possible so that the final work looks like a real warrior. To do this, painters often use the most advanced techniques.

Starbrush Studio, the best miniature painting service

When it comes to making all this happens, it is essential to choose the best service provider and in this case, Starbrush Studio is at the top of its field. With more than 10 years dedicated to the task of creating fantasy and science fiction miniature paintings, they are the best suited to solve any need in this area.

Their good results are not only based on the potential of their painters, but also on the use of the best quality paints to achieve incredible finishes in each delivery.

Interesting facts about miniature paints

Obtaining the ideal finish on every delivery is possible if the correct steps are followed. It is very important to ensure excellent communication with the company contracted to provide the service so that corrections can be made when necessary. The main data of interest in this area include:

  • The size of orders. It is sometimes thought that the creation of an army should be carried out in a single delivery. In other words, if you have 200 elements, they should all be worked on in a single order. The reality is that everyone can build their group little by little, even from a single piece.
  • The purpose of miniatures. It is well known that many people use miniatures for personal collections, but there are also cases in which they are used for other purposes such as a birthday present, to display them in an exhibition or something like that. This should be taken into account when placing the order and considering the dates.
  • They can be refurbished. Although it is not ideal because the finishes are usually not as polished as in the case of miniatures made from scratch, very special miniatures can be refurbished by erasing the previous paint and starting the process from scratch.
  • Army planning. If what is going to be done is a complete army, it can be planned with different types of finishes according to what we saw in the first point. This will allow each miniature to stand out as much as possible.
  • Choice of colours. In order for the whole army to look uniform, it is important to keep control of the colours used for each part of the army, especially in what has to do with uniforms and similar clothing. This will help to incorporate new pieces later and make everything look like it was made at the same time.
  • Shipping. If the service is outsourced, it is very important to ensure that the shipments are covered by a correct packaging process. For example, Starbrush Studio ships from the United States of America and from there they ship their finished work safely and securely to anywhere in the world.
  • Advice. Finally, it is very important to receive the appropriate advice, especially when requesting the service for the first time. In the consultancy it will be possible to answer questions related to the type of paint, the finishes that the miniature will have, the time it will take to do it, the price that corresponds to the work requested, etc.

Miniature paintings are, without a doubt, a novel way of making art. The results are impressive, taking into account that the dimensions of the pieces are sometimes very small. However, this can only be achieved when working with professional painters.

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