How to explore your children’s social networks and protect them from potential dangers


To talk about social networks is to refer to an important virtual advantage that opens up to explore the world, through which one can meet people and much more. For these reasons they are very positive and useful, but, on the other hand, they can become dark instruments of evil when people without any consideration whatsoever use them to trick and deceive the most defenceless.

Many drug dealers, sexual predators, child traffickers and criminals of all kinds use social networks to deceive their victims. Children and young people, because of their age, are very vulnerable and potential prey for those who use them for sinister purposes; therefore, we should always monitor what they do on their accounts to try to give them as much protection as possible.

Exploring our children’s networks is not easy, as not all of them are willing to allow their conversations and the content of what they consume to be reviewed, especially when they are teenagers, and are therefore very inaccessible.

The only effective way to access children’s and young people’s accounts without their knowledge, in order to apply effective parental control for their own safety, is with the support of specialised software and web platforms that provide such services.

Which networks can be monitored?

One of the best sites, if not the best, to monitor the activity of our loved ones on social networks is, which provides the opportunity to explore several of them in a very discreet way, without the person being watched realising that their account is being checked externally.

Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, TikTok, Gmail, YouTube, Pinterest, and more can be easily monitored thanks to this web platform, which provides practical and effective solutions.

Such services usually cost a lot of money, but with this web portal you can have them for free. Moreover, they are very easy to use: from any device, be it a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, you can track your children’s online activities; all you need is an internet connection.

Are they reliable?

The platforms that provide these services make sure that there are no traces of the intervention of the accounts, which would prevent you from being discovered, and have eventual problems.

For example, is a very secure platform for exploits so that the person you want to monitor unknowingly provides the password to their social networks.

Exploits are plugins that take the login details of those who receive them. They reach their recipients via a fake message from the social network to be monitored, which invites them to log in to the platform to be monitored. The person who enters their account, without knowing it, leaves the data in the plugins so that you can obtain them and check whatever you want whenever you want.

It is an effective way to obtain the access codes to enter your children’s social networks, monitor their activities and make sure they are not in any danger. This is the only way you can be sure that they are not being tricked by people with bad intentions.

The other way, and this is the first you should try, is to get your children to trust you and tell you everything they do on the networks and that if they notice anything suspicious they should immediately inform you.

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