How to get rid of plaque and tartar with simple methods

How to get rid of plaque and tartar with simple methods: do-it-yourself mixing

Plaque and tartar are not only imperfections, but the cause of many problems in the oral cavity. Bad breath, cavities, abscesses. Here is a simple and effective remedy.

How to get rid of plaque and tartar with simple methods: do-it-yourself mixing

A perfect oral hygiene is the goal of every person who takes care of his own health and aesthetics of his smile. Plaque and tartar are, unfortunately, the cause of annoying dark stains that can lead to halitosis, hide cavities or cause even more complex problems.

When plaque binds to minerals found in saliva, it turns into tartar.

Daily oral hygiene against plaque and tartar

Plaque is a white-yellow film formed by a collection of bacteria that are deposited and adhere tenaciously to the surface of the tooth. If not brushed, it turns into tartar or mineralized plaque. It is a hard, yellowish-brown deposit that can no longer be removed by normal brushing.

Plaque and tartar are formed by dozens of bacterial species that live thanks to the presence of sugars that are ingested. These bacteria are in particular Streptococcus mutans and Lattobacillus acidofilus. They produce acidic substances that cause demineralization of tooth enamel. Caries is the initial stage of the formation of a cavity inside the tooth.

Natural remedies against plaque and calculus

Before we get back together to shake our dentist’s chair, here is a simple, natural and effective remedy that will solve the problem in no time.

Not to mention that undergoing cyclical scaling is still a habit that won’t go away.

Do-it-yourself mixture

To take care of our mouth and prevent the appearance of plaque and tartar, it is enough to resort to a mixture of baking soda and salt . Two teaspoons are enough. It is necessary to dip the toothbrush in this mixture and proceed with normal tooth brushing. Always brush your teeth from bottom to top, for the lower arch, and from top to bottom, for the upper arch.

Once finished, proceed with rinsing. The results can already be seen after the first few applications. It is a treatment within everyone’s reach, precisely because it is not complex to perform. However, if you want to get confirmation from your dentist, you will do it.

Remedies against plaque formation

Among the grandmother’s remedies that prevent the formation of plaque we remember licorice and apple licorice roots can be a natural ally against the formation of plaque on the teeth.

Its glycyrrhizin content counteracts the harmful bacteria contained in the oral cavity. This reduces their proliferation. In addition, licorice is effective in treating some disorders of the digestive tract. It is known, in fact, that a good digestion favors the rise of acids from the stomach to the oral cavity.

Finally, the abrasive action of licorice root keeps our teeth clean. Fruit contributes significantly to dental health. Apples increase salivation and help neutralize bacteria, which cause plaque build-up.

In general, eating crunchy, nutrient-rich foods helps us to mechanically remove plaque and keep our gums well supplied and healthy.

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