Influencer talks about failed botox that caused eyelid drooping

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An influencer in the US has opened up about the botched botox that left her eyelid droopy.

Influencer talks about failed botox that caused eyelid drooping

Whitney Buha, from Chicago, usually gets Botox about twice a year, but after a recent appointment, it quickly became apparent that something had gone wrong.

Six days later he came back to get it fixed, but in the following days it only got worse. “I was freaking out that a) this was going to be permanent or b) this would really affect my eyes or my vision in the long term,” Whitney told BuzzFeed News.

It turned out that he had ptosis, a complication characterized by a droopy eyelid. It usually occurs when Botox fluid leaks from your desired muscle into a nearby muscle that controls the eyelid.

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His non-drooping eye also began to swell a bit, as it overcompensated for the other eye. Fortunately for Whitney, the condition is reversible and she has in fact received more Botox in an attempt to speed up her recovery process, as recommended by a local medical spa.

He also consulted a plastic surgeon, who told him that the drooping eyelid was the worst they had ever seen, and he has been trying all kinds of home remedies, such as steam and massage.

Whitney has chronicled the ordeal on her Instagram, increasing her following.

In one post, he wrote: “In all honesty this is very embarrassing and makes me very aware of my face, but since there is nothing I can do about it I better laugh for now”, while on video, he explained that it would simply “have to wait.” As for public reaction, he told BuzzFeed News: “People are so interested in this and they want to know what’s going on.” I feel like the year we’ve all had, it’s been such a crazy year and it hasn’t been a great year for just anyone.

“So this was something else where I thought, ‘Well, this is just something that’s happening, and we’re going to get over it.’ And unsurprisingly, given that she has had more Botox to remedy the failed Botox – Whitney hasn’t let the experience discourage her from getting Botox again in the future.

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