Jessica Alba: Get Her Look For Less!

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba proves that Blazers are coming back for spring. These intelligent and refined jackets were always stapling for many Savvige buyers, but trust us: they dominate the street style game!

Of course, celebrities like Jessica Alba already get on board and show us how it is done.

A few weeks ago, the A-Lister was discovered in a beautiful Tan shadow and in Los Angeles in a beautiful brown shadow. We are not sure where the actress and the Honest company co-founder acquired her piece, but we found a strikingly similar number at Amazon, which only costs $ 40!

This Blazer of Cicy Bell is a spitting image of the garments Jessica Alba wore.

It has the same open front style with the single button closure, and it comes in a similar light color! It even has Slip bags on each side of the hips, which is faithful to traditional blazer aesthetics.

Well, let’s get more, why this special shoe, what we would choose if we only have to own a few shoes – period.

We go through a few different outfits. Distressed jeans and a band Tee. A satin sliding dress. Culottes and a sweater. Leggings and a sports bra. A checkered mini skirt and a core button-up. A floral romper. An overall and a blazer. A wedding dress.

What do all these look like? They were all perfect with this pair of slip-on!

While we do not know where Jessica Alba meets her chic blazer, based on the Dior and Celine accessories, it is the toting, we assume that it costs far over $40 US dollars.

Fortunately, they are one of the best things about Blazer, they tend to follow standard patterns and silhouettes, which makes the search for cost-effective options relatively easy.

The Cicy Bell Blazer is made of a casual, stretchy material in contrast to a structured substance – and we are not crazy. This is probably one of the more comfortable blazers that are on Amazon, to wear, and it’s the perfect selection when you want to try the trend. The appraisers note that it is ultra-flattering, and offers surprisingly high quality for the price point. An ecstatic owner proclaims them, “finally found a real blazer”. Yes, that sounds like a win for us!

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