President Joe Biden described the Chinese leader as a “dictator”

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China has strongly reacted to Biden’s remark, condemning it as “extremely wrong” and engaging in what they call “irresponsible political manipulation.” Meanwhile, Taiwan has expressed gratitude for Biden’s affirmation of the United States’ commitment to peace in the Taiwan Strait.

Biden’s Controversial Description of Chinese Leader Sparks International Outrage

President Joe Biden’s characterization of Chinese leader Xi Jinping as a “dictator” during their recent meeting at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation in San Francisco has caused significant international uproar.

The global community is closely monitoring this situation, concerned about the potential impact on diplomatic relations and trade agreements. As China attempts to downplay the incident by censoring foreign media coverage, public sentiment remains divided, with some praising Biden’s candor while others criticize his choice of words.

This controversy adds another layer of complexity to an already strained relationship between the United States and China.

China Reacts Strongly to President Biden’s “Dictator” Remark

China’s response to President Joe Biden’s description of Chinese leader Xi Jinping as a “dictator” has been one of strong condemnation.

Labeling his comments as “extremely wrong” and accusing him of engaging in “irresponsible political manipulation,” China has expressed its deep displeasure with Biden’s choice of words. The country’s censors have swiftly blacked out any mention of Biden’s remark in foreign media, but on the Chinese social media platform Weibo, opinions seem to be overwhelmingly supportive of Xi Jinping.

Despite China’s reaction, the United States remains confident that the progress made during the meeting will not be overshadowed by this controversy, according to National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby.

Taiwan Expresses Gratitude as Biden Affirms U.S. Commitment to Peace in the Taiwan Strait

Taiwan has expressed its gratitude to President Joe Biden for publicly affirming the United States’ unwavering commitment to maintaining peace in the Taiwan Strait. In response to Biden’s comments, Taiwan pledged to actively enhance its self-defense capabilities and deepen its security partnership with the United States. This affirmation from the US comes at a critical time when tensions between Taiwan and China have been escalating. As a breakaway province according to China’s claim, Taiwan highly values international support in safeguarding its sovereignty. Biden’s strong stance on this issue is seen as a reassurance to Taiwan that it can count on the US as a reliable ally in maintaining stability and peace in the region.

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