London, glued to a 19th century painting in protest: they damage it

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Hannah Hunt and Eben Lazarus, two students, decided to protest by literally gluing themselves to a 19th century painting. The masterpiece was damaged.

London, glued to a 19th century painting in protest: they damage it

British students Hannah Hunt and Eben Lazarus created a very special protest, which did not end well.

They stuck to a 19th century painting by John Constable entitled “The Hay Way”. The masterpiece was exhibited in the National Gallery in London. The two activists of the Just stop oil movement wanted to draw public attention to the environmental problems associated with the use of fossil fuels.

First they covered the painting with images that wanted to show an apocalyptic scenario, then they glued their hands to the frame of the painting.

It is not the first protest

Hannah Hunt had already demonstrated in this way, glued to the red carpet of the Bafta Awards and had even raided a Hampshire oil refinery.

“It is true there is glue on the frame of this famous painting, but there is blood on the hands of our governments,” she said. The museum reported that the painting and frame were “slightly” damaged.

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