Man searches for a neighbor’s house and finds his own cat relaxing on the bed

mansearches for a neighbors house and finds his own cat relaxing on the bed

When a house goes up for sale on your street, it’s almost rude not to take a quick look: how it’s your kitchen, do you have it? A chimney? What have they done with the basement, that kind of thing.

Man finds his cat on the bed of his neighbor’s house

After searching the property in Zoopla, the man clicked on 13 of the 14 available images and noticed a very familiar four-legged creature.

The red-haired cat is lying on a purple blanket that covers one of the beds and it’s fair to say that he seems to have made himself quite comfortable.

Put it this way, that’s not the first time this cat has been in that house anyway.

On Twitter, the neighbor (and owner of the cat) wrote: “The neighbors just put the house up for sale”.They could not resist the temptation to see it in Zoopla.

Since then, the tweet has accumulated more than 166,000 likes, more than 17,000 retweets and more than 2,000 comments – and growing.

One person shared a photo of their own cat, writing: “Great … this is my cat, that’s not my house“.

Someone else said, “Our neighbors’ cat sneaks in all the time. He is currently sleeping on my couch. Or it’s actually called ginge, but he responds and he’s so handsome”.

The woman simply responded with a photo of the furry friend on her lap.

I said it once and I’ll say it again: Cats do what they want and we love them for it.

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