McDonald’s the monopoly returns for summer

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McDonald’s Monopoly is returning for summer. McDonald’s Monopoly is set to return this summer, it has been announced. The hamburger chain confirmed the exciting news on its official Twitter account.

McDonald’s: the monopoly returns for summer

The news of the return of the popular game has piqued the interest of Maccies fans.

Commenting on the ad, one customer yelled, “Oh. Another said,” Good news and I can’t wait.”

” While another added: “LIFE IS RETURNING.” Others are ‘collect to win’ stickers, and you will need two or three of these to win a prize.

The idea of a ‘secret menu’ has been floating around for quite some time and includes delicacies like the ‘Land, Sea and Air Burger‘, which brings together beef patties, chicken and a fish fillet.

However, some people say they’ve been discouraged to ask just in case it turns out to be a bunch of junk, and they laugh at their local restaurant.

And it seems that those who were cautious before trying to order a Mega Mac or Land, Sea and Air Burger did the right thing, because it says there is ‘no fixed secret menu at McDonald’s.’ But before you get too depressed, he said you can order whatever you want and the staff will go out of their way to create it for you.

He wrote: “You have the ability to customize almost anything on the menus.” Thanks to social media, I have clients asking for crazy items like the ‘Mega Mac‘ or the ‘Land, Air and Sea Burger‘.

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