Michael Keaton Confirmed As Batman In The Flash Movie

Michael Keaton Confirmed To Be Returning As Batman For The Flash Movie

Michael Keaton confirmed as Batman in The Flash movie.

Michael Keaton Confirmed To Be Returning As Batman For The Flash Movie.

After much speculation, Michael Keaton’s return as Batman has been confirmed.

The actor played the Caped Crusader in Batman (1989) and Batman Returns (1992), two top-performing titles in the ever-growing list of superhero movies.

But after nearly three decades away from the character, Keaton is once again donning the bat-suit, but not in a new Batman outing, but in an upcoming DC film, The Flash, which opened this week in London.

His talent agency, partner ICM, confirmed the post to the Wrap, the Instagram contribution by director Andy Muschietti to say that work on the film had begun.

Keaton has recently indicated he would be joining the project and said it would depend on how the coronavirus pandemic has run its course.

“To be honest, you know what I’m most looking forward to about this whole thing? I’m more looking forward to the Covid situation in the U.K. than anything else. So that’s my first proposal on all the projects, I look at it and I’m like: “Is this thing literally going to kill me?”

It’s going to be Ezra Miller the lightning star, and it’s probably the audience to DC’s multiverse idea, a concept that can play multiple stories in different times or rooms, but still linked.

The idea of a Multiverse has already been in MARVEL CINEMATIC UNIVERSE established, with Avengers: Endgame introducing multiple figures from different time locations.

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