Monkey is very obese after being fed junk food

monkey obese


An obese monkey in Bangkok, Thailand, is being kindly killed as people feed him sugary junk food, very similar to another known animal named Uncle Fatty, who is now believed to be dead.

Poor monkey is severely obese after being fed junk food by people in the market

The three-year-old monkey is named Godzilla and he hangs out at a market stall in Bangkok’s Min Buri district, and visitors have been crowded trying to feed him earlier this month.

While macaques typically weigh between eight and 10 kilos, Godzilla already doubles the average weight of his species, which now weighs more than 20 kilos.

Merchant Manop said that she adopted Godzilla when he was abandoned by a previous owner, and that she feeds and treats him well.

However, he said he has not been able to control his weight, explaining: “The rescue team found Godzilla when he was very young.” And since he grew up being fed by humans, he doesn’t know how to find food on his own in nature.

“Manop said Godzilla works out every morning, but he’s still obese.He also said that he doesn’t like being touched by strangers and that he will start behaving wildly if he doesn’t like someone.

A lot of people He gives Godzilla food, but he only eats from the people he likes.

He’s very picky and can get mad if he doesn’t like that person.

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