People Are Naming Their Babies After Handmaid’s Tale Characters

People Are Naming Their Babies After Handmaid's Tale Characters

Parents are giving their children The Handmaid’s Tale inspired names, a study has revealed. Ahead of the highly anticipated fourth season, experts over at Bella Baby have discovered that names inspired by the popular dystopian drama are on the increase.

People Are Naming Their Babies After Handmaid’s Tale Characters

Thanks to data collected by UK Baby Name, experts have found the name June – aka the show’s main character, June Osborne (Elisabeth Moss) – has a popularity score of 81 per cent.

Has soared by 20 places in the top baby names since 2019.

Meanwhile, Serena is even more popular, with a score of 93 per cent. The name has jumped a whopping 49 places in the last two years.

The Greek name Rita, which means ‘child of light’ has also had a boost, jumping 126 placed since 2019 and scoring a popularity rating of 90 per cent.

Meanwhile, Cora (who is the Martha of Eleanor and Joseph Lawrence in the series) means ‘filled heart’ and has a huge popularity score of 97 per cent.

It seems The Handmaid’s Tale has also influenced parents to opt for the name of Nick, with the moniker increasing in popularity since the show began.


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