OnlyFans mum pays off daughter’s law degree debt

marcela alonso

A mother who signed up with OnlyFans to help pay for her daughter’s law degree now makes $ 20,000 (£ 14,000) a month.

Marcela Alonso, from New York in the US, joined OnlyFans in 2017 to get a little extra money to help her daughter pay for her studies

OnlyFans mum pays off daughter’s law degree debt

But when the pandemic hit, OnlyFans became Marcela’s main source of income and she set herself a goal of repaying her daughter’s £ 46,000 ($ 63,000) student loans to make sure she doesn’t finish college with piles of debt.

Marcela previously worked as a stripper, but quit six years ago to start a “basic” job.

However, he quickly realized that he was not paying enough for a secure future and when the pandemic struck, he was out of work for seven months.

With more time on her hands, Marcela was able to put more effort into her OnlyFans and now has subscribers who pay $ 4.55 (£ 3.29) a month to view her content, or spend $ 100 (£ 72.30) for a 20 minute phone call.

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Although it’s lucrative for Marcela, she says OnlyFans isn’t an easy option and involves a lot of hard work, but it’s worth it to help secure her daughter’s future.

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