Paramedic crying after seeing graffiti on her car

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A paramedic said she broke down in tears when a 12-hour shift ended and discovered that her white car was covered in graffiti.

Paramedic crying after seeing graffiti on her car

Bronwen Newbury, 27, said she saw the pink paint on the side of her Kia Ceed when she entered the staff parking lot of an ambulance station in Soundwell, Bristol at 7 a.m.


Her vehicle was not the only one attacked, and one of her colleagues found the same thing on their car.

Although a local company removed the graffiti for free, NHS worker Bronwen wanted to talk about how the incident affected her.

Bronwen, from Caerphilly, South Wales, shared the vandalism on social media and was supported by grateful friends, family and members of the public who appreciate her hard work.

This is unacceptable and Avon and Somerset Police have been notified.

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