Pedro Rodrigues Filho sentenced to 400 years in prison

Pedro Rodrigues Filho sentenced to 400 years in prison

Pedro Rodrigues Filho is an anomaly in the criminal world. Brazilians know him as a serial killer. However, the line of victims Pedro killed was dominated by criminals, such as drug lords, swindlers and rapists.

He says, over the course of his life, Pedro has killed 70 criminals.

That is why Pedro is nicknamed “Pedrinho Matador” or Peter the Killer.

Pedro Rodrigues Filho sentenced to 400 years in prison: he killed dozens of criminals.

From a very young age, Pedro grew up in a less than harmonious family environment. Released by All That’s Interesting, Pedro, who was born in Minas Gerais, Brazil on June 17, 1954, often received harsh treatment from his father since he was a child. In fact, Pedro was born with a damaged skull. This is because the father has often used physical violence against his mother while Pedro was still in the womb.

Growing up violent, little Pedro came to understand that all evil is funny. For that, Pedro nailed his mentality that crimes must be solved with violence. The mentality then grows in Pedro until finally the feeling gets out of control when Pedro begins to turn 14.

It was at that age that Pedro committed his first murder. The man who became the first victim was the vice mayor of Alfenas. The mayor, according to Pedro, was presumptuous to fire his father who was a school guard. The father is accused of stealing food from the school canteen. As a child, of course Pedro was not silent. He felt that the deputy mayor had wrongly accused his father. Long story short, Pedro shot him.

After some time, Pedro also committed the second murder. Pedro committed the murder after discovering that the person responsible for his father’s problems was fired, namely another school guard. Pedro also killed him mercilessly.

After that, Pedro then fled to the area of Mogi das Cruzes in Sao Paulo to avoid being pursued by the police. Upon arriving there, Pedro, who realized that in the area where he lived there was a drug dealer, disturbed him. Shortly thereafter, the criminal died at Pedro’s hands.

Unexpectedly, life in Mogi das Cruzes made Pedro feel at home. Moreover, there Pedro made love to a woman named Maria Aparecida Olympia. The two fall in love and spend a day full of romance together. Unfortunately, this happiness ended quickly.

As revenge for Pedro, they kill Pedro’s lover. Therefore, Olimpia’s death darkened Pedro’s eyes even more. As a detective, Pedro searches for the facts that killed his lover.


After killing a gang member, Pedro aims to kill his father who is in prison for killing his mother. For Pedro, his father’s actions were a great sorrow.

In the end, not knowing that there was still a blood, Pedro made a visit to the prison to see his father, stabbing him directly 22 times with sharp objects. Because he hated him, Pedro violently ate his father’s heart.

Pedro was arrested by local police on May 24, 1973. When he was arrested, Pedro was taken away in a police car along with two other criminals, including a rapist. Miraculously, when the policeman opened the door, Pedro had already committed the murder of a rapist.

In prison

Prison did not stop Pedro. For Pedro’s imprisonment was a new chapter for the murders of other criminals. In prison, Pedro killed at least 47 inmates. Most of the prisoners who became victims were involved in murder cases. As Pedro understood, they were the ones who deserved to be killed.

In an interview, Pedro was also asked what the feelings of killing criminals were. Pedro calmly replied, “killing criminals was like the thrill of adrenaline.” He also emphasized that his favorite method of killing is “stabbing a knife.”

For his case, Pedro was initially sentenced to 128 years in prison. However, that was only a prefix. Because, along with Pedro’s murder, he received a sentence of up to 400 years in prison. However, according to Brazilian law, the maximum prison sentence is 30 years.

Because of that, even though Pedro still killed four other inmates in prison, Pedro still got his freedom because the sentence was only 30 years. At his peak, Pedro was released in 2007. When his story was shared, all of Brazil recognized Pedro as a well-known figure apart from being a celebrity or an athlete.

One analyst even called Pedro the “Perfect Psychopath”. That, Pedro will continue to pursue criminals, especially those who persecute him

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