Reasons to set up an email marketing campaign

reasons to set up an email marketing campaign

It is no coincidence that email marketing is one of the most widely used marketing tools, the reason being that its benefits are many.

Certainly, you have to learn how to implement email marketing for it to be successful, but once you understand it and acquire the skills to make the most of it, you can enjoy all the advantages it brings to the table.

Email is more relevant than ever

It is clear from email marketing key statistics that the majority of internet users use email as their primary channel of formal communication. Although social media and instant messaging exist, email is considered more professional and is, therefore, widely used by users all around the globe.

Worldwide, almost 4 billion people use email on a regular basis, which is about half of the world’s population. On top of that, email users are increasing daily.

What all this tells us is that your business potential customers have email and, most likely, they check it daily. So emailing them is an excellent idea to easily reach them.

Email newsletters speak directly to the customers

Email marketing is a mass messaging strategy, but for each subscriber the message has to feel unique, or at least that is the perception we want our clients to have of it. For this reason, email marketing generates engagement, because it is a direct marketing tool.

To reinforce this, email marketing managers have personalization tools. That way, the customer will see your name in the header and feel connected to the brand.

Segmentation is another important aspect in this regard. If subscribers are well identified, messages can be designed to target them directly. For example, a newsletter for a specific city or neighbourhood, for a specific age group or whatever. The important thing is to generate a connection between the subscriber and the brand.

The open rate of email marketing is high

More than 20% of email marketing newsletters are opened, this percentage can vary according to the subscriber’s image of the brand. For well-known brands, the open rate can be over 60%, which is extraordinary.

For an emerging brand, setting an open rate target of 30% is reasonable and achievable if you do things right.

Reaching a 30% open rate means you have a valuable, scalable and profitable communication channel with your customers.

Email marketing has an excellent ROI

Email marketing is a very economical tool to implement. The cost is limited to the use of the computer, the energy it consumes and the work of the creative. The best email marketing managers have a free version ,which is more than enough to get you started.

In addition to all this, it is an effective tool that works, bringing in concrete sales and a significant increase in revenue. All this explains the high return of investment on email marketing.

If you are launching a marketing campaign with a low budget, you should include email marketing and if your campaign has a high budget, also do email marketing.

Keeping in touch with customers

In many cases, people are looking for a product, search it on Google, find a shop that has it available, buy it, and that’s the end of the business relationship with said site. If the person requires a similar product or to buy again, they search for it again, just like the first time. We can not let this happen, it is necessary to maintain the link with customers.

With email marketing, the contact between brand and customer is maintained for future purchases or recommendations. A customer who has had a positive experience with the brand should not be let go, even if it is a product with a long shelf life.

Email is perfect for increasing traffic to the site

A customer, no matter how satisfied they are with the brand, is unlikely to return to the website on a regular basis, unless the product is a high replenishment product such as food, beauty products or similar.

With email marketing, you can create dynamics that stimulate the entry to the website, in order to increase traffic and make it more relevant to the topic.

You can also use email marketing to increase followers on your business social networks, as it is a good way to promote competitions, dynamics, content, etc.

The campaign can be automated

If you have a single person company, where one person does everything, email marketing is the ideal tool to use for your marketing campaigns.

Email marketing managers have automation features, whereby the entire campaign can be planned and launched with very little human intervention.

This leaves time for other marketing activities, customer care and much more.

Email marketing offers many metrics

Metrics are very valuable information that can indicate if the campaign approach is right or wrong. All the subscriber behaviours are recorded and can be conveniently analysed.

For example, if the campaign has a good open rate, but the texts are not read in full or the desired actions are not taken, then it can be inferred that the text is the problem. Perhaps it is too long, too boring, incomprehensible or something similar.

In addition, email marketing allows you to conduct surveys among your customers, which are excellent for getting to know their needs and complement the information obtained from the metrics.

Email marketing helps to promote events

If you have marketing events planned, email marketing is the perfect tool for promoting them.

For example, a brand is going to be present at a sales fair in a specific city. The locals, who also have an interest in the products, need to know about it. A targeted email marketing campaign in that city is perfect to promote the brand. If you also include a discount coupon or a similar gift to reward attendance at the fair, success is very likely.

As we have seen, there are many reasons that make email marketing indispensable in any brand’s marketing strategy.

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