Review of Echo Show 10, the innovative smart display created by Amazon

Amazon Echo Show 10
Review of Echo Show 10, the innovative smart display

Amazon, with the line Echo Show, has bet on these smart displays both to give the ability to control all devices compatible with Alexa from a single display and to give the ability to use the voice assistant Alexa.

The most impressive part of Echo Show 10 is the smart motion feature.

Amazon has noticed that while the device can be stationary, it understands that users are not and, for this reason, Echo Show 10 is equipped with an engine that allows the screen to follow you. Let’s discover all the news thanks to the full review of the new Echo Show 10.

Review of Echo Show 10

Echo Show 10 is one of the most interesting devices produced by Amazon and belongs to the third generation of smart displays from the global giant. Echo Show 10 represents a real concentrate of technology and innovation.

The design is very elegant and modern, very thin and comfortable to place. It is a device with dimensions of 251 x 230 x 172 mm for a weight of about 2.5kg that offers the possibility to use in the most complete way possible all the functionalities belonging to home automation.

Through the Echo show display, you can browse websites, control your smart bulbs, respond to the smart intercom or control your TV, if compatible with Alexa.

Camera and rotation

One of the biggest news concerns the world of video calling: this is because Echo Show 10 moves with the person who uses it, being able to rotate 360 degrees.

It also has a quadrangular 13 MP camera that can never let out of the image the interlocutors, managing to make them appear always well present and visible in the center of the image.

Home and home automation

Thanks to the presence of Alexa, the voice assistant of Amazon, you can control all the devices compatible with it through the voice command.

In addition to this, it ensures maximum security, as, by accessing the integrated camera, you can have your home under control at any time and from anywhere.


We are talking about a top device also from the point of view of entertainment: it has a powerful woofer able to offer bidirectional audio of the highest level. Moreover, it’s able to adapt quickly to the environment giving perfect audio for music, video, and much more.

Thanks to these fantastic speakers and high-definition HD screen, you can read a book and have access to Prime Video and soon even Netflix, enjoying a vision and audio of the highest level. Another advantageous aspect is the possibility to show your photos smartly: you can upload photos from social networks, to customize your home.

Furthermore, with the integrated camera, taking photos is easier than ever: just ask Alexa to take a photo to have immediate access to your camera and your albums (which for Amazon Prime members have unlimited space).


Privacy is another strong point of this device: there is a specific button to control the various microphones, cameras, and camera covers effectively. If you are away from the device you can also control these options via voice command, to be even more comfortable. Also, all content remains on your device, without being transmitted to the cloud. Finally, we can say that it is an extremely simple device to configure: all you need to do is connect it to the electrical socket and an internet connection. Alexa does the rest.

New Echo Show 10: opinions

As we have seen, it is such a technological and cutting-edge device, so much to bring advantages and comfort.

This masterpiece by Amazon also offers the possibility to configure all Zigbee devices, without necessarily using a separate hub. To control the smart devices in the house, just ask Alexa through the voice command, without even getting out of the sofa.

Alexa truly represents one of the best strengths of this device: it can speak Italian, French, German, English, and Spanish. Besides, the Alexa app is compatible with Fire OS, Android, and iOS devices. It also has Bluetooth LE connectivity.

As for the weaknesses, it’s complicated finding them: firstly because it is a very recent product and secondly because it is a truly exceptional device, the reviews are all very positive.

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