Sanofi produces Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccines

sanofi johnson covid

French drug productor Sanofi, fighting development delays with its vaccine candidate against COVID-19, revolves more from the vaccine production facilities to industrial competitors working with Johnson & Johnson to produce millions of doses of his rival coronavirus vaccine.

Sanofi is prioritizing the development of its  two vaccine programs

Johnson & Johnson is the second rival, who has impacted Sanofi’s handling of Sanofi to use its facilities, unusual cooperation for the competitive industry, which now prevents intensive pressure of governments to produce vaccines against the devastating global pandemic accelerate.

The CEO of Sanofi, Paul Hudson, said that the company-based agreement on Monday will demonstrate his “commitment to collective efforts to end this crisis as soon as possible.” Sanofi is still prioritizing the development of its own two coronavirus vaccine programs, said Hudson in a corporate declaration.

The press release said Sanofi has also started development work against new variants. South African coronavirus variant in New York Resident.

But “where we have the right manufacturing capacities, we introduce to show solidarity in the industry, and continue our part on the fight against Covid-19,” he added.

Sanofi said his Marcy-l’Oetoile vaccine production facility in the vicinity of Lyon formulate and fill the vials of the single-dose vaccine for Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen companies.

US Coronavirus Death Taut approaches 500,000

Sanofi is put together with Janssen, who are sent by Janssen and fill vials, and then send the full vials back to Janssen for the packaging. The French facility is expected to produce around 12 million doses per month, from the second half of this year.

GlaxoSmithKline and Sanofi On Monday announced the beginning of a new phase 2 study based on their protein-based Covid 19 sanctuary after it has a setback in December. The companies had said that earlier attempts showed an insufficient immune response in older people who slipped them back to the drawing board.

In a news release, which was published Monday, companies announced the initiation of a new phase 2 study at 720 volunteers at the age of 18 and older, which they hope they help the corresponding antigen dosage for the evaluation of Phase 3 to determine.

“In recent weeks, our teams have worked together to refine the antigen formulation of our recombinant protein vaccine based on experienced from our first phase 1/2 study” Thomas Triomphe, Executive Vice President and Head of Sanofi Pasteur, said in the Press release. “We are confident that our vaccination candidate has a strong potential, and we are very encouraged by the latest preclinical data. This new phase 2 study allows us to determine the final vaccine formulation for adults of all ages. We have our commitment to the focusing of efforts showed and skills towards the global struggle against the pandemic, and this new study approaches us a step closer to achieve our priority goal of developing a COVID 19 vaccine with good effectiveness and security profile. ”

The companies hope that if the experimental results are positive, phase 3 can begin in the second quarter of 2021 to set the vaccine to be available in the fourth quarter.

Sanofi had already announced that his facilities in Frankfurt, Germany, also the bottle and packing of 125 million vaccine doses for the rival partnership of Pfizer-Biontech support.

The latest announcement from Sanofi was quickly carried by French President Emmanuel Macron. His government has squeezed Sanofi to use its facilities to support vaccines from its rivals, due to high global demand for vaccines and supply problems.

“We must accelerate the production of vaccines with industrial partnerships,” Macron Twitted.

Preliminary tests showed an insufficient immune response in older people. Sanofi produces Johnson & Johnson Covid-19 vaccines.

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