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Since the success of the film “Black Swan” with Natalie Portman, classical dance has become a must to be muscular while finessing. Because classical dance gives long and slender muscles, unlike the pure musculation that inflates the muscle and therefore makes it rounder.

Many celebrities flock to the classes of Mary Helen Bowers, Natalie’s understudy in the film and also a professional dancer. Alexandra Chung in a photo but also Karlie Kloss, Miranda Kerr, and Victoria’s Secret Angels are fans.

Walking on foot

Many celebrities like to post their pictures during their walk. This is the case of Kaia Gerber or Lea Michele. And yes, walking is a sporting activity like any other, the goal being to get as much air as to move.

Then you just have to make the walk a little harder by choosing supervised but more complicated trails and believe us, you will sweat!


Boxing is one of the most complete sports. Endurance, balance, strength training, cardio… We work everything and we use all the muscles.

It is also a perfect outlet that empties the head, restores morality, and makes work of self-confidence. Karlie Kloss cannot do without it anymore and we understand why!

Horseback riding

Gigi and Bella Hadid are great horseback riders. Bella even did it at a high level before she had to stop because of her disease, Lyme disease.

This sport works endurance as well as balance, abs, glutes, and empties the head.

Paddle yoga

The paddle became the thing to do in summer or not. In a simple walk or more intensive sport, it has the advantage of muscular and smooth thanks to the cladding caused by the balance on the board.

Here, Lea Michele is a great fan of paddle combined with a yoga session.

Intensive cardio workout

Izabel Goulart is one of these models with an ultra-intensive sports program. Cardio, strength training, yoga, machine pilates, or Bootcamp… Short sessions like Hiit or longer in-depth… It does everything.


Yes, yoga muscle in addition to relax. And the stars understood it well. The queen in the field? Gisele Bündchen who practices several times a day and even with her children! Others are also addicted like Miranda Kerr, Jessica Alaba, Karlie Kloss, or Jessica Biel.

Jump rope

Like Izabel Goulart, Adriana Lima is a tough one at the sports level. She does cardio, boxing, and yoga exercises like no other. One of his specialties? The jump rope. Slightly hard for the dampers (hence the importance of good sneakers), this sport sheath and muscle while working the breath and endurance as well as the arms. It is therefore beautiful and well a complete practice and easy to do wherever you are. The small variant: the wavy rope.

The Bootcamp

Bootcamp has been one of the most popular sports in three years. Kim Kardashian and her sisters love it. This ultra-complete sport is inspired by military training and is particularly exhausting. However, it has the advantage of working all parts of the body thanks to its various exercises based on strength training as well as cardio. We have to hold on.


Many celebrities are fans of this sport, more and more trendy. Katie Holmes, Miranda Kerr, and Reese Witherspoon practice it regularly for the energy it brings and the strengthening of the muscles involved in maintaining balance and spine.

Benefits for the body: practicing Pilates helps to maintain a beautiful figure, working on balance, breathing, and muscle building.

Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes decided to start the Pilates method in addition to her post-pregnancy diet. This sport helped her lose extra pounds and regain her original figure.

Miranda Kerr

“I do a lot of Pilates, yoga, and boxing to work on my buttocks and legs”. Miranda Kerr understood that to have a dream body, the best is to associate sports according to their complementarity. But Pilates remains the essential element of his busy program.

Reese Witherspoon

Jogging fan, Reese Witherspoon found in the Pilates method a perfect complement to sculpt its forms smoothly and work its suppleness.

The paddle surf

Born in the 1960s, paddle surfing, or stand-up paddle, is a sport that is practiced at sea, standing on a board longer and wider than a classic longboard, using a paddle. It makes the legs, arms, and abs work in a fun way. Jennifer Aniston, Eva Longoria, Rihanna, or Kate Hudson have all tested and approved it on vacation.

The benefits for the body: practicing a sports activity in the water fights in-depth cellulite and the paddle surf allows to sculpt beautiful abs.

Jennifer Aniston

The pretty blonde has everything of a surfer but prefers to try it at the stand-up paddle, accessible to all and easier to practice. She chooses freshwater, to save herself the waves of the sea.

Kate Hudson

On vacation, Kate Hudson tries the latest sport to keep the line in her bikini. The advantage of paddle surfing is that when you’re tired, you can—like her—improvise a sunbathing session!

Eva Longoria

Focused on her effort, Eva Longoria seems to be leaning perfectly on her board, and her abs are already starting to show… Proven efficiency!


A trendy and effective summer sport, surfing has a good pub thanks to Cameron Diaz, Evangeline Lilly, and Vanessa Hudgens. Water and sport being two great allies to lose extra pounds, this nautical activity seems ideal for this summer.

The benefits for the body: for an hour of surfing, 600 calories will be burned… Your boards!

Vanessa Hudgens

On a break during a shoot, Vanessa Hudgens dresses up in a T-shirt and goes to the beach for a surf session. A guarantee of good mood and energy, this sport is perfect for having tapered legs.

Evangeline Lilly

Although she had a surfing accident in Hawaii, Evangeline Lilly remains a fan of the sport and practices it regularly to keep the stomach flat and well-designed abs.

Cameron Diaz

«The colder the water, the harder it is to fight against the waves, and the more calories I lose,» explains the actress, a surfer fan for years. She even offers herself from time to time a session with the pro-Kelly Slater!


An unstoppable weapon to fight cellulite and work endurance, the bike is practiced by almost all celebrities. Naomi Watts, Madonna, and Bar Refaeli each have their two-wheelers, to keep steel thighs.

Benefits for the body: the flexion-extension movement allows to work of several muscles, for firm legs.

Bar Refaeli

“I cycle all the time in New York City for hours. I can ride eight hours a day and travel everywhere.” Like the top Bar Refaeli, if you don’t have time for a walk, use your bike as a means of travel.


An inveterate sportswoman, Madonna seems to practice every sport imaginable. One of them remains the pillar of her training: cycling. He helps her maintain her endurance and keep her body firm and muscular, even at 54!

Naomi Watts

Addicted to cycling for years, Naomi Watts is an outstanding cyclist. Seeing her muscular legs, we think we should pedal more often!


Very complete, the footing is the essential sport among many personalities, among which Elle MacPherson, Heidi Klum, Madonna, Jessica Biel, or Pippa Middleton.

Benefits for the body: Practiced regularly, it allows you to develop your endurance and refine your legs. With 500 calories burned in 30 minutes, jogging curves the figure and, not insignificant advantage, it reduces stress.

Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow is very concerned about what she eats to keep her line, and she associates jogging with her diet whenever she can.

Jessica Biel

I have an amazing coach, who I work with two or three times a week. We do a lot of circuits and strength training, especially for my legs and my back,” explains the actress.

Pippa Middleton

A sports fan, Pippa Middleton has participated in triathlons around the world as soon as she could. Plump buttocks, muscular legs, and slim waist, the jogging succeeds him!

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