Three teenagers who killed their stepfather because he abused their 9-year-old sister are asked to be released from prison

Three teenagers who killed their stepfather because he abused their 9-year-old sister are asked to be released from prison

Two Texas teenage brothers have been charged with murder for beating their stepfather to death after discovering he had sexually abused their 9-year-old sister.

Three teenagers who killed their stepfather because he abused their 9-year-old sister are asked to be released from prison

A petition for two Hispanic brothers accused of killing their stepfather, whom they believed sexually abused their 9-year-old half-sister, has so far gathered 40,033 signatures on the platform.

Christian Treviño and Alejandro Treviño, both 18, were arrested by the Pharr Police Department on Saturday, Jan.

22, for the brutal murder of 42-year-old Gabriel Quintanilla last Thursday.

Authorities also arrested their friend, Juan Eduardo Melendez, 18, who helped the brothers attack the victim.

The Pharr Police Department said Quintanilla was beaten with American fists and thrown into a pickup truck before the defendants dumped his body in a McAllen field.

Quintanilla suffered head trauma and police believe he was still alive when the brothers and their friend dumped his body.

“We call on the state of Texas to release these teens, who could possibly spend the rest of their lives in prison for protecting their sister,” reads the petition posted on the website.

The three teens are charged with multiple felonies and are being held on bail of at least $1 million.

Pharr Police Chief Andy Harvey revealed during a press conference Tuesday that Quintanilla had a 2019 warrant for his arrest for allegedly sexually abusing another minor.


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    • For further abuse to as well because he still going to come out and she still gonna be Frightened for the rest of her life. Now she can move on with her daily life knowing that he will no longer be on the streets

    • Nah he probably gone offend again. But hes dead. He was murdered lol she dont have to worry about HIM. HE is DEAD.

    • Whole time that was his biological daughter and not even full blood with these boys… that is some real shit. They get mob cred for this 😵‍💫❤️

    • I would have done the same thing, they don’t deserve to be locked and they should be allowed to be out there with their little sister with what she’s going through. Free them man

    • Let them go NOW ! Some know dam good & well that the authorities won’t do their job in a fair, timely & sufficient amount of ongoing punishment for the mow deceased manner any way. So– YES LET THEM GO !

  1. Release these hero’s they done every little girl proud and got rid of the vermin on this earth .. fair play boys .

    • Something that the police would have not done much at all. They deserve to be free! They only helped thier sister from a sick and twist man! Kill all those that are all sick minded.. need more of them gone to be honest. I fully support for them to be released!!!

  2. (2) they were protecting their sister from further sexual abuse and they are heroes, that bastard deserved to die

  3. They should be released because they are the heroes for their sister and the stepfather deserved it .They did it for sister . I really want them to free .


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    • I’m not mexican but I have a functional brain that makes me know what’s right and what’s wrong, you though, you’re a dumbass. These guys deserve freedom and it doesn’t matter where they’re from to know if what they did was right.

    • Wow this is ridiculous🤦‍♀️ Your just a bitch someone should’ve taught you something when you was younger bc the fact you think you saying this is gonna give you extra points to your race it’s not their humans they have a heart and a brain except theirs is bigger then yours and while your out doing what your doing their protecting their family when you probably wouldn’t do shit for yours so before you write what you have to fucking say don’t bc it’s not fucking needed

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  4. I think they did what they needed to do.They saved her life and they are heroes who saved all the girls from the rapist

  5. It’s never easy to be girl who suffered from this case, she will never be feel safe and self love. She will not trust no one around her and depends on her spirit, she might try to fights her feelings in wrong way but ended with bad situation. She will be difficult to love even herself and others too. She have to face her own insecurity for her whole life and she will found out too many ways to end up her life when life beat her over even though she is strong, it will never be easy being her. Believe me because She is me. So, depends on my own whole life experiences, I am proud of these bros because they are more than hero for me. There are many mistakes that can forgive in our life but not this case. If they don’t killed his fire, he will not stop and crime this case again to other kids. For all the kids of our world, for their safety, he must be killed as a example of worst crime. Dear Judges, are you married? Are you a mother? Are you a father? Are you a brother? Are you a sister?

  6. They did what’s best for their little sister! Nobody could ever want to be manipulated and internally abused by their step-father! He deserved to die the way he needed to be. He’s an evil!! A living monster! He may rot in hell!!!

  7. They did what they need to do as a brother and a good person. Let them free and get the freedom that they deserve. F this justice system

  8. We need more people like them, actually. It’s time to stand up against criminals and protect girls especially innocent young girls, girls shouldn’t be traumatised for the rest of their lives for something they didn’t ask for.

  9. Why would they put in prison well in fact they just save their sister from a maniac person. That caused trauma to their sister.
    They must release them. That’s bias.

  10. A petition for two Hispanic brothers accused of killing their stepfather, whom they believed sexually abused their 9-year-old half-sister, has so far gathered 40,03

  11. They are hero’s for saving their baby sister. They did what needed to be done! Free all 3 young men!!!!

  12. Yes Release them boys they did nothing but protect an innocent little girl that did not deserve what she was going through they did as they were supposed to do as big brothers since no one else was defending them at the time so I appraises them boys for what they have done give this boys there life back free them boyz 💯

  13. I see nothing wrong with what the brothers/friend did. The stepfather made his bed, now let him lay in it. Hurrah boys! Their little sister will be forever thankful of them❤️

  14. That little girl is just 9 years old, I’m proud of her for speaking up and not being scared of what else he could have done to her. She trusted her brothers and they did what they did out of anger they have all the right to have and he got what he deserved. Free all of them!!


  16. Release them! They didn’t do anything wrong! Do you know how many pedos walk free without a jail sentence? Never been caught?

    They did the RIGHT thing!

  17. The best that could be done is give them the minimal sentence of taking someone’s life… Law is law, but if it is to protect an innocent, liniency should be given…

  18. These boys deserve to be free.
    It’s right for a grown man to put his hands on a little girl but it’s wrong for young men to put their hands on a grown man for something reasonable.

  19. Set! Good for them for coming to the defense of a helpless baby! Sounds like he’s done this before, those boys just saved possibly more victims from a lifetime of damage !

  20. It is very injustice how we’re taught to protect our loved ones & the very moment we do so our lives are taken away because of it. Imagine the lifelong trauma they stopped dead in its tracks! She now has a chance to heal and become mentally and emotionally stable without the worry of her innocence being taken away repeatedly.


  22. They should be released asap we should have more men like this in the world that stick up for protecting others from abusers like that father

  23. Let them free, I wish I had brother to save me from my past but I wasn’t that lucky… they are not wrong on what they did .. the death penalty has s deserved to ALL CHILD PREDATORS

  24. Let them go they protected their sister The Stepfather should not have done what he did I don’t feel these boys are in the wrong and let them out let them go

  25. Release them. The system lets rape and abuse cases go cold too often and often times predators get released early or after serving no time at all. They saved that child from further psychological damage from rape.

  26. Let them go, this should be a normal way of life. Pedo rapists should be beaten, and or hung. Maybe it will keep them from being weird fucks.Legislators want to put forth the death penalty if someone gets an abortion, I think this is totally beating a pedo to death.

  27. THEY SAVED HER! She shouldn’t have to go through that, now she has to deal with the trauma. Coming from a survivor!

  28. These three people saved their sister. As is, she’s 9. She’s going to live with the traumatic events that took place. They’re sentence should be near none, they gave valid reasoning.

  29. Release them , they are life savers anyone in the right state of mind would of done with they done, he took something from someone so innocent and pure something she could never get back a memory that will live with her for ever🥺

  30. The fact is these men did nothing wrong, they did something that people would turned an eye to because they are to afraid to handle the situation and there would have been no peace for the little girl. They deserve to be free so maybe their 9 year old sister can see the protectors and heroes her brothers are and maybe the system isn’t as corrupt as it’s made out to be.

  31. They deserve freedom
    If the stepfather was alive he’d probably be doing it still to anyone and most likely not in prison

  32. It’s better then what the police would have done in my opinion. Little girl knows she has family that will be there for her and protect her at all cost.. at the end of the day she should have NEVER been touched Period……………

  33. yea maybe over kill buh what if it was yu as that lil girl and that was yur BABY sister ill go to war for mines

  34. Let them go gee coming from a rape victim he deserved it! They served they justice she was a child what about her rights or protecting your sister like that isn’t a natural law itself I ALWAYS WAS TOLD HAVE MY SIBLINGS BACK NM WHAT

  35. Cops don’t ever do anything until it’s too late or even if he were to get caught he’d be out in parole and do it again we got to protect our children and keep these monsters off the streets

  36. I believe that the three young men should be released for defending their young sister from this rape not happening anymore.

  37. If y’all don’t let these men free…if it was the other way around y’all would’ve did it too, only difference is y’all would’ve gotten away with it.💯

  38. RELEASE THEM!! Sexual Assault never gets taken serious and that’s why it’s so common. They are protecting that baby girl, they don’t deserve jail time!!

  39. They didn’t do wrong ! They were protecting their sister that what brothers are for !! I agree completely with them

  40. Let them go they did nothing wrong they were protecting a love one that couldn’t do it them self, if he didn’t get caught he would have probably made her live a living hell

  41. I feel they should be released due to the fact they were protecting their little sister. Who is to say if they didn’t do anything this would not still be going on in the home.

  42. Honestly how can you blame the brothers yes they could’ve went to the police but some things you take into your own hands dude 46 he fasho traumatize the poor 9yrd as a big brother seeing ya siblings hurt just put pain on your back & slow your thought process down

  43. They got justice for their sister justice most lil girls WISH someone got for them!!!!! LET THEM OUT they deserve to be HOME enjoying their lives

  44. This is instant justice n should be like this i m proud at least people with cheap mind will think before doing those sexual harassment

  45. They saved there little sister from the horrible man!! Free them they only did what was best to protect her.

  46. Hell they should be set free I would have done the same thing from her getting hurt again from a pedophile !!!!

  47. Release them I wish my brothers did the same for me when my father did the same get these guys out of prison

  48. Let them free!!! They did what they had to do to protect there little sister some don’t do that cus they afraid of the abuser but they man up n protect someone they love ❤️ there baby sister… FREE THEM THEY R HEROS IN MY BOOK♥️

  49. They were protecting thier little sister. They also got a child rapist off the streets. who knows who elses kids he was doing those things to?

  50. Release them! They did nothing wrong, the stepfather was a pig and they refuse to see that, they’re sister needs them and more men like them!

  51. They did what any other brother will do. Watch over there sister and protect her from a monster they’re still young and have a long life to live they shouldn’t be sentenced at all!!!!

  52. Free them, the step-dad is a monster and doesn’t deserve to live on this Earth anyway. They are children and should not have to lose their freedom because of a monster.

  53. Yes please release them, as a sexual assault survivor myself I wish someone would’ve done this for me.

  54. That man deserved every second of it but those boys don’t deserve to be locked up! free them 💯

  55. All three need to be let out!! They did the right thing by beating that man!! Any man OR woman that thinks it’s ok to touch a child or anyone needs a beating!! These boys where saving their sister from it happening again!! These boys should have NEVER been arrested!!!

  56. They did what the system won’t do protect their sister!!!!!! I would be so proud and grateful to have them as one of my siblings….. they should be let go


  58. I’m solidly behind them!!! Too many child rapes going on being ignored and swept 🧹 under the rug!!! They did the right thing!!!

  59. As a person with pass trama and to know that even when a person goes to jail for this it doesn’t stop them THOUGH IM SURE UNDERE THESE CIRCUMSTANCES HE WILL BE FORCED TO NEVER HURT AGAIN. THESE BOYS ARE LIKE SUPERMAN TO THAT BABY😭🤌🏿

  60. They deserve to be recognized for taking one more rapist from the country, They have to go free for the love of God, we all support them, those who deserve to be there are the rapists, kidnappers, and those who mercilessly kill and become sick afterwards. JUSTICE!!

  61. I feel like any person would do the same for their family member especially a baby… that man was sick and good riddance.

  62. release them…you know if it was a women who did police will just say it was self defense and helping the sister but if it’s a guy who helping his sister they go to jail of killing the guy who did it with the sister is not right guys need justice too have rights to putting that’s why women gets away with everything and man always needs to be sure about his actions cause he knows he never win I’ve been raped my mother sell me to her boyfriend for one night and he raped me when my brother came in to help he was raped to but they didn’t look in by him they were more worried about me but he was raped to so justice to men and guys needs to be heard they have hearts and rights too