Trophy hunter explains why she never has regrets

tess talley giraffe
Ultra rare Black Giraffe in South Africa, Killed this year by unrepentant hunter Tess Thompson Talley.

Tess Talley ( Trophy Hunter) caused a public stir when she posed for a photo with a rare black giraffe she hunted and killed, but now she explains why it remains her proudest moment and why every animal she ‘reaps’ is a trophy.

Trophy hunter explains why she never has regrets

The day she hunted the Black giraffe in South Africa was an emotional roller coaster for her; She explained that she was so excited the night before that she hardly slept.

When she actually killed him, she was “overwhelmed” with emotion.

They stepped over the bones of younger giraffes that had been killed by the old bull, the one they were looking for.

Tess is not quite what you expect when you envision an archetypal trophy hunter.

The 39-year-old Texan is blonde, petite, and works as an account manager.

She is a dedicated wife, a loving stepmother, has a Boxer dog named Gunner whom she adores, and it turns out that she also loves to hunt and kill animals.

Images of hunters proudly posing with their prey will always win the public’s endorsement, but for Tess, it’s more than a photoshoot.

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