UFC Boss Dana White would like to bet 1 million dollars

dana white

The UFC President Dana White wants to bet 1 million dollars that a former UFC fighter Ben Askren, an MMA master in Bellator and a championship, from YouTube Celebrity Jake Paul in an April box match.

UFC Boss Dana White would like to bet 1 million dollars

ShowBiz Boxing Returns April 17 with a Crossover match, which adapts the YouTube Celebrity Jake Paul against the former MMA Master Ben Askren. “Let’s be honest, Jake Paul is not F —– – Boxer,” said white on the hotboxin with Mike Tyson Podcast.

“This guy is a F —— YouTube child.
“The child he will fight is a wrestler, a true decorated wrestler, but he actually fought real guys. He was a world champion in other organizations.”

This shows an expected showdown with a 58-year-old Holyfield, who said that he is desperate to get the hands-on the 54-year-olds. The crossover fight, the latest installment in showbiz boxes, a separate unit for professional boxing, occurs on the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta and is a pay-per-view event.

The conversation with a third struggle is escalated because of the rising popularity of Showbiz boxes – a separate unit for professional boxing.
Paul drilled many fighters after he preceded his pro-box record on two victories (two knockouts) on a brutal finish against Nate Robinson in November 2020, and currently has his crosshair on Askren in front of her showdown.

The two former heavyweight champions fought twice in the late 1990s. Holyfield won the first over the 11th round knockout in front of a third-round victory in the immediate rematch when Tyson was disqualified for biting.

The UFC Welterweight Leon Edwards said at a virtual media round table event, in which insiders lately participated that it will be a humiliating, but a funny day when Paul Askren beats.

Mike Tyson can avoid a lucrative trilogy box match, his old rival Evander Holyfield, which was suggested this week on the box scene website. The UFC star Leon Edwards, the headlines of the UFC combat night 187 event Saturday, when he struggles to Belal Muhammad recently said a degrading but funny day when Paul Askren Battery.

But white seems to be so confident that Askren will win, he is ready to set seven numbers to his success. “I hope you can bet on this thing because I bet F ——– bets that [Paul] fight this F ———” said white. “One million dollars he loses this fight.”
It did not take long until Paul was aware of White’s comments and asked the UFC boss to upgrade his missions when he was so confident. “Dana let us double the bet,” Paul Twitter. “2 million dollars!”
He added, “We wire the money in Escrow. The winner takes everything. My team will contact me to meet a contract. After the knockout Ben, we can set up Jake Paul Vs. Dana White.”
“Tyson … where are you?” Holyfield said.

The best-selling Boxing Pay-Per-View in 2020 was the Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. Sideshow in November. In the Post-Event Press Conference, Tyson told reporters that he smoked Marihuana before the fight, and enjoyed it so much that he wants to do everything again.

“I’m waiting for my dance partner, Mike Tyson to show. Where are you?” said Holyfield.
“My site tried to let the fight happen, and we have nothing but apologies. Now I can see why he wanted a tune-up fight before he thought about me”. “Roy Jones was a good local opponent for Mike, but a fight with me would be a global event, and the only fight everyone wants is a fight between us.”

Holyfield believes that a trilogy with Tyson would produce $ 100 million with Tyson’s US dollars.

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