Another United Boeing engine fire place – this time it’s the 777 jetliner

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On Sunday, the Federal Aviation Administrator Steve Dickson ordered the agency’s air safety expert, to enact an Emergency Airworthiness Directive, which prescribes “immediate or increased inspections of Boeing 777 aircraft with certain Pratt & Whitney PW4000 engines”.

Another United Boeing engine fire place : the 777 jetliner

Pratt & Whitney added in a declaration that it “actively coordinated operators and supervisors to assist the revised inspection interval of the Pratt & Whitney PW4000 engines driving Boeing 777 aircraft”.

Boeing said it was 69 of the 777 with the Pratt & Whitney 4000-112 engines in use and another 59 in the camp.

The company reaffirmed that they should be grounded until the FAA establishes an inspection system.

In addition to its 24 active aircraft, United 28 more Boeing 777 has in stock.

An emergency landing is the latest problem for Boeing, whose 737 Max aircraft, after two deadly crashes in 2019, was on the ground for more than a year and suffer from the enormous reduction in air traffic due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The max aircraft returned to the sky at the end of last year.

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NTSB Preliminary examination in a united flight with exploding engine discovered fan blade damage

FAA demands emergency testing of the selected Boeing 777 after the Midair explosion torn of the engine on pieces

Twitter published a video from emergency on Saturday that showed that the engine was completely in flames during the flight.

Still, images made of different videos recorded by a passenger, which was slightly sitting in front of the engine and also posted on Twitter, showed a broken fan blade in the engine.

Passengers who were flown to Honolulu said they feared that the plane would crash after an explosion and a light flash, while the people on the ground saw huge parts of the plane flowed down, only a house missed and crushed a truck.

The explosion visible from the ground left a trail of black smoke in the sky.

The Ntsb said that two of the fan blades of the engine were broken and the rest of the fan blades “damage”. However, it was warned that it was too early to conclude what had happened.

United says it will work closely with the FAA and the NTSB, “to determine additional steps required to ensure that these aircraft can meet our stringent safety standards and can be put back into operation.”

The NTSB said that the cockpit voice recorder and the flight data recorder were transported to his laboratory in Washington so that the data can be analyzed. NTSB examinations can take up to a year or more, although the agency publishes in most cases in the middle of the process of investigation.

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