Unusual crimes that can put you in jail in the UAE

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Some days ago, a group of women have been arrested in Dubai after they posed naked on a balcony for a photoshoot. The UAE has some strict laws on social media and public decency. But most of these laws are just plain unusual.

Laws about offline and online practices

If you travel to the UAE, you’ll have to respect these strange laws.

Firstly, remember to moderate your language, both online and offline. Swearing in public is banned, and the f-word is completely taboo.

You can be fined more than $2000 or face a year in prison for public swearing.

Several laws relate to cybercrime: ‘flipping the bird’ emojis can result in a fine of more than $50,000, a prison sentence, or deportation.

Furthermore, it’s illegal to use someone else’s phone without their consent.

Laws about the image of UAE

The UAE cares a lot about their image. You can be fined both for having a dirty car and for washing it.

Dirty cars disfigures the city image, and their owners can get a fine up to $700. However, washing your car in residential areas can also ‘distort the city’s image, You have to take it to a proper car wash to have it done.

Laws about personal life

One of the most controversial laws relates to rumours and gossip.

Gossip on social media, can result in a three-year prison sentence. This is a law created in order to prevent people from damaging the social peace and public order.

Furthermore, people should be careful of eating and drinking on public transport, carrying food that contains poppy seeds and taking pictures of road traffic accidents.

On top of that, homosexuality is still illegal and can result in a prison sentence.

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