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Mass mailing as a promotional strategy has been used for decades with great success, but to enhance its effectiveness it has been evolving with the incorporation of innovative resources. One of the most notable methods used nowadays is the use of the reach and credibility of influencers.

Any brand or company that wants to be visible and stand out in increasingly competitive markets must employ digital marketing strategies, taking into account that more than 80% of the world’s population is connected to the internet on a daily basis, most of them through a smartphone.

Among the many resources available to develop online promotion, one that has stood the test of time is email marketing for all its advantages, the most important of which is its high effectiveness in relation to its low cost.

Email marketing is a strategy that was practically born with the internet, as emails began to be used shortly after the birth of the ‘network of networks’, remaining for its functionality and practicality. Companies quickly saw its potential as a promotional channel and were quick to incorporate it as a direct means of communication with customers.

Over the decades, new resources have been created to reach even more audiences, and these new trends have incorporated the sending of mass mailings. One of the “symbiosis” that has been created and is giving optimal results is the effective combination of email marketing with influencers, which has become an excellent way to communicate with the target audience, yielding a never ending amount of amazing results.

Exploiting the influencers potential

First of all, we must define the term influencer. An influencer is a person who manages one or more profiles on different social networks and has thousands of followers. In general, these people generate considerable content on a particular topic and in this way gain many followers, consolidating a community that feels identification and affinity with these influencers, so they listen to and value their recommendations and suggestions as if they were given by a friend. This characteristic of entire communities following their advice is what makes them very useful for promotional campaigns.

In this sense, it is very important that when including an influencer in any marketing strategy, in this case participating in mass mailings, it is taken into account that they really have credibility, which is an attribute that is not very easy to achieve. For this, it is necessary to find out about their track record, as well as how much credibility and trust their subscribers have in them.

Once this has been verified, the influencer can then be included in content of interest of the brand, offers and promotions (whether it’s cosmetics, some devices or craps games online) , with the aim of increasing the conversion rate.

Advantages of combining email marketing with influencers

Using the figure of a good influencer to enhance the email marketing strategy has many advantages, undoubtedly one of the most important advantages you will be able to enjoy is that you get a higher conversion rate. This occurs when the chosen influencer has values consistent with the mission and values of the brand, so that the message is transmitted in a more natural way that does not feel forced to the potential consumer.

It has been proven that brand recommendations made by people with high credibility in the digital world are very well received by the public, and this definitely has a favourable impact on the marketing campaigns’ conversion rate.

Another benefit is that brands and companies get more interest from the target audience and thus more visibility. It is very likely that by seeing a person who identifies with them promoting a product, customers will be more motivated to try it sometime.

Using an influencer who is known by millions of people is tacitly turning them into brand ambassadors, and this automatically gives the brand a greater reputation: another advantage. All of this also gives brands a greater reach.

Choose the type of influencer according to the strategy

There is a classification in terms of influencers that you should know and that is given according to the number of followers. Choosing one will depend on the structure of the email marketing strategy to be used.

Macro influencers are those who have between 250,000 and one million followers across all their social networks or digital media. This is a good choice due to their significant number of followers.

There are also the so-called “celebrities” or mega-influencers, those who have more than a million followers, with wide audiences of different types and fields. Working with them usually means a high-cost due to their wide reach.

Micro influencers are those with a range of followers between 10,000 and 250,000. The advantage of them (unlike macro and celebrities) is that they have a high engagement with the public and also have well-defined niches.

Nano influencers are those who have less than 10,000 followers. They are usually those who are just starting out or because they have attracted a certain group of people to their content, but do not have monetization as their primary objective.

Some aspects to consider of the email marketing

Of course, the email marketing strategy itself must have a good structure. It’s not just about relying on the influencer, it must also have a good subject line, as well as a good design in terms of the message.

A good headline is essential, otherwise it means that the potential customer will not be attracted to open the email. The internal text should be brief and directly urge the customer to action.

The content must be well written and clear; the influencer will be of no use if the message is not understandable or digestible by the public. Make sure it has an effective CTA (Call To Action).

The promotional code strategy in conjunction with the influencer in the newsletter is very good, so it is always advisable to use it. It is a way to take advantage of this credible person and increase sales.

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