Woman gets third degree burns

sex sent me to the er

A woman ended up in the hospital with third degree burns after she and her partner tried to spice up their sex life by melting a giant gummy bear.

Woman gets third degree burns while trying to revitalize her sex life

The problem is that gummy bears are made entirely of sugar and the melted sugar just sticks to the skin and burns.

It is not exactly something that can be used to create the mood for love.

Yet that is exactly what this couple did.

Speaking on TLC’s Sex Sent Me To The ER, the couple, named Josi and Michael, related their gummy bear story.

They explained how they had experimented with candle wax before and enjoyed it so much that they decided to include some hot food in their sex life.

Michael, in an attempt to ease his lover’s pain, began trying to lick his sugar.

His mouth was burned and Josi’s skin began to peel off.

They rushed to the emergency room where it was determined that Josi had suffered third degree burns..

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