Woman Sets World Record for People Meeting in Dinosaur Costumes


A woman has her sights set on hosting the largest gathering of people in dinosaur costumes once the parties have relaxed confinement rules.

Woman Sets World Record, People Meeting in Dinosaur Costumes

Dawn Lapthorn, 46, hopes to set the world record, which is currently held by a group of 252 people who met in Los Angeles in 2019, and while we still live under lockdown rules today, Mom Dawn is hopeful that she will be able to break the record after thousands of people have joined her Facebook group Dinosaurs of Plymouth (UK) and surroundings.

Dawn, who lives in Plymouth, said, “My youngest took it, so I bought one of the giant inflatables to use myself.” Now all three of us have giant dinosaur costumes.

We have been family shopping at Tesco in them, although I had to bribe my daughter to come with me.

“Shortly after launching her Facebook group, Dawn joined forces with other dinosaur-loving groups across the UK and has over 6,000 members so far. She added:” The first day I set up the site we got 1,000 members.

“We have now surpassed 6,000 fans across Britain and we have members all over the world, including Australia and South Beach in Miami.” More than 200 people have said they have costumes or are planning to buy one.

“So once life is back to normal, we plan to gather more than 252 fans in inflatable dinosaur costumes at Plymouth Hoe to break the existing world record, which was set in Los Angeles, USA, in 2019.” from all over Britain.

“Meanwhile, Dawn encourages people to put on her dinosaur costume to go out and says it brings a bit of joy at a time when there hasn’t been much to celebrate. She added,” I go out like a dinosaur a few times a week, but some people do it more often.

“Our members are mostly T-Rexes, but there are also triceratops.

There are even some with reins that you can ride.” The average price for an inflatable costume is around £ 30, but there are some more expensive ones.

“Children always accuse their parents of being dinosaurs, but in my case it is true and I am proud of it.

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