YouTube star James Charles apologizes for messaging underage children

James Charles underage children
James Charles underage children

The YouTube star, 21, shared a video titled ‘Hold Me Responsible,’ saying he wanted to tell his 2.5 million subscribers what had been going on. In this video James Charles said he owed a massive apology, after he was accused of messaging two underage children.

The accusations of the underage children toward James Charles

In his video, James Charles explained how two underage people had come forward to say they had received ‘inappropriate messages’ from him on social media. This happened in two different moments: one was in 2020, the other one was more recent.

Charles said he added them on Snapchat and immediately asked their age. When they told him they were 18, he believed them. Then, after some flirtatious conversation, he found out they were 16. So he was immediately embarrassed and blocked them.

When this stories came out, Charles initially denied the allegations. But in the video, he said that he needed to take responsibility for his. Moreover, he added that he wanted to apologize to the people affected by his actions.

He also stated that he took full responsibility for what he did.

Charles said that he should have verified their ages by checking their social media profiles. He added that he fully understood how his actions were wrong.

Previous allegations against the makeup artist

This video came more than a month after Charles denied the allegations against him, having shared an extensive statement.

The statement read:” There is a video about me from a guy calling me a groomer and I want to address right now.”

He stated that the accusations from this person were completely false.

Charles also added that he would never knowingly engage with anyone underage.

He didn’t want to put his life and career on the line for a few Snapchats.

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